All of Them Vampires!

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M-Y Books, Dec 1, 2012 - Fiction - 345 pages
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In 1969', Anton Krieger witnesses his best friend being savaged by a vampire. Now, over 40years later, Anton has become obsessed with telling the world that vampires exist living and working amongst us. His obsession has leads him to be institutionalised more than once. 

He is married to Victoria a psychiatrist. They have a 22 year old daughter, Cassie. The Kriegers live in Highgate, where Cassie persuades her father to let her have his flat. Her father writes about vampires, and his agent Richard Steele hopes to marry Cassie. But Cassie doesn't love Richard. And when she meets the enigmatic John-Byron Sarony, she falls in love with him, little knowing that he is a vampire. William Sefton, who recruited Sarony in 1941, engineers the unsuspecting Sarony to introduce himself to Cassie, because Sefton, aware that Krieger's knowledge is dangerous to them, wants nothing better than for Cassie to become a vampire. But Sarony falls in love with her, and with so much anguish in his life from all the people he has killed, he doesn't want her to be the same way. With so many bodies, drained of blood, abounding in the Highgate area, and D.I Caywood is called to investigate . Naturally Krieger wants to help him. He knows whose behind it, and he knows William Sefton, who has also powers of hypnotism and the occult. But Caywood isn't all he seems, and he tells Krieger that he knows about the old house in Highgate. It's the vampires base. The house that was once lived in in Victorian times by Lizzie, now 150 years old, and driven mad by time and loneliness. The story unfolds when Cassie is taken to the old house in Highgate. Caywood and Krieger arrive. But Caywood is the Old One, the original vampire, a demon from hell. Only Sarony destroy his own kind to save the woman he loves. But why does Lizzie have portraits of Sarony in the house, even though they have never met?When Sarony tosses a lit candleabra into the rotted hangings in the great hall of the house where the vampires are assembled, and the Old One appears, the house catches fire and the vampires scream in dying agony. Krieger, Cassie and Sarony escape, only to discover that Victoria has become a vampire. Only the man who loves her can destroy her.

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About the author (2012)

 'All of them Vampires!' first began life as fanfiction for one of my favourite T.V shows, 'Being Human', depicting the two vampires, Mitchell and Herrick.  What started as a short story soon developed into a full blown novel. Mitchell became John-Byron Sarony, and was given an whole new persona , as I had no desire for Mr Whithouse to accuse me of plagiarism.

Although they are both from the Victorian era, there the resemblance ends. William Sefton is a Victorian gentleman well versed in the occult and hypnosis.  The Old One's demonic -like form that is revealed at the end, is drawn from another favourite writer of mine, H.P Lovecraft,The unnameable.And the reason for Highgate to set the story, was inspired by Sean Manchester's  narrative, 'The Highgate Vampire'.The title is partly borrowed from the book given to Rosemary by her friend Hutch,  in 'Rosemary's Baby',  called  'All of them Witches'.

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