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R.N. Pearson, 1900 - Mad men of Gotham - 190 pages

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Page 116 - Seamen three ! What men be ye ? Gotham's three wise men we be. Whither in your bowl so free? To rake the moon from out the sea. The bowl goes trim. The moon doth shine. And our ballast is old wine ; And your ballast is old wine. Who art thou, so fast adrift? I am he they call Old Care. Here on board we will thee lift. No : I may not enter there. Wherefore so ? 'Tis Jove's decree, In a bowl Care may not be ; In a bowl Care may not be.
Page 117 - Jove's decree, In a bowl Care may not be ; In a bowl Care may not be. Fear ye not the waves that roll ? No ; in charmed bowl we swim. What the charm that floats the bowl ? Water may not pass the brim. The bowl goes trim. The moon doth shine. And our ballast is old wine ; And your ballast is old wine.
Page 95 - The villagers, hearing of the approach of the King's servants, thought of an expedient to turn away his Majesty's displeasure from them : when the messengers arrived at Gotham, they found some of the inhabitants engaged in endeavouring to drown an eel in a pool of water; some were employed in dragging carts upon a large barn, to shade the wood from the sun ; others were tumbling their cheeses down...
Page 152 - ve seen fools and fops in forty different cities, but none to compare with you. — Dow's Sermons. GOTHAMITES. The people of the city of New York ; the New Yorkers. I intended to present you with some phases of outward life and manners, — such things as would strike or interest a stranger in our beloved Gotham, and in the places to which regular Gothamites — American cockneys, so to speak...
Page 33 - THREE wise men of Gotham, Went to sea in a bowl : And if the bowl had been stronger, My song would have been longer.
Page 95 - element,' but the word is over-worn. \Exit. Vio. This fellow is wise enough to play the fool ; And to do that well craves a kind of wit : He must observe their mood on whom he jests, The quality of persons, and the time, And, like the haggard, check at every feather That comes before his eye.
Page 107 - ... habit. Having thus apparelled thee from top to toe, according to that simple fashion, which the best goosecaps in Europe strive to imitate; it is now high time for me to have a blow at thy head, which I will not cut off with sharp documents, but rather set it on faster; bestowing upon it such excellent carving, that, if all the wise men of Gotham should lay their heads together, their jobbernowls should not be able to compare with thine.
Page 20 - he shall have a letter and a purse to put our money in, and we shall direct him the right way." So when the letters were written and the money put in a purse, they tied it round the hare's neck, saying, " First you go to Lancaster, then...
Page 110 - These tales are supposed to have been composed in the early part of the sixteenth century, by Dr. Andrew Borde, the well-known progenitor of Merry Andrews. " In the time of Henry the Eighth, and after," says Ant.-a-Wood, "it was accounted a book full of wit and mirth by scholars and gentlemen...
Page 112 - Tell me no more of Gotham fools, Or of their eels in little pools, Which they were told were drowning ; Nor of their carts drawn up on high When King John's men were standing by, To keep a wood from browning.

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