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Harper & brothers, 1920 - English language - 481 pages

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Page 64 - transmute, moderate, diminish, increase, intensify, qualify, transform, shade, convert. Antonyms: see fix. change, vi alter, vary, variate (rare), shift (chiefly spec), pass, resolve (literary or spec), go (colloq. or spec), mutate (chiefly spec), turn (chiefly spec); spec. shape (as in "things are shaping his way;" colloq.), glide, sink, jump, break, range, graduate, grade.
Page 64 - to garments: shift (now US or dial. Eng.). change, vt 1. exchange (often spec), commute; spec, shift (one's garments); see exchange, move, remove. 2. alter, vary, qualify, varíate (rare), modify, transform, mutate (chiefly spec), convert, turn; spec provect, transmute, moderate, diminish, increase, intensify, qualify, transform, shade, convert.
Page 33 - traverse (rare); see barricade. barter, vt & i. bargain, exchange, trade, swap or swop (colloq., US; or dial.), truck, chop (rare or obs.). base, a. 1. See low, lowly, illegitimate, 2. Ignoble, infamous, vile, mean, low, cheap, miscreant (literary), turpitudinous (rare), illiberal (literary), vulgar (rare or archaic), sordid; spec, abject, groveling, menial, villain (rare), villein
Page 128 - dispensatory; spec, circulatory, circulative, effluent, centrifugal, diffugient (rare), catalytic, osmotic. dig, v. t. 1. delve (archaic or literary, exc. fig.), grave (rare and archaic), excavate; spec, costean, grub, dike, ditch, mine, spade, root, rootle, spud, rout (chiefly dial.), hoe, shovel, mattock, channel, quarry. 2. To dig up: exhume (formal), dishumate (literary and chiefly fig.), dishume (rare),
Page 195 - bordered, edged, fimbriate (tech.), fringy, jubate (tech.; rare); spec. ciliate or ciliated, cirrated. frisky, a. lively (contextual), antic; see FROLICSOME. frivolity, n. frivolousness, lightness, emptiness, foolishness, fribble, levity, flippancy, trifling, flimsiness, silliness, volatility, flightiness, giddiness, frippery, trumpery. frivolous a. light, empty, foolish, lightminded, light-headed, fribble, contemptuous, trifling, frippery (contemptuous), giddy, flimsy, silly, volatile, flighty,...
Page 410 - heavy, abrupt, bold, proclivous (rare); spec, hanging (as in "hanging gardens") ; see precipitous. Antonyms: see moderate. steeplechase, n. grind (Eng. university slang). steer, vt 1. guide (contextual), direct, navigate, con or cond or cund (tech.), helm (chiefly spec), pilot (often spec). 2. «See guide. steer, vi stand, course (rare), point. steerage, n. 1. steering, guidance,
Page 403 - 1. talk, word (rare); spec, outspeak (rare), snap, pipe, dulcify (humorous), sputter, splutter, drawl, sniff, sniffle, snuffle, perorate, lisp, wharl (rare), whisper, murmur, shout, intone, sing. 2. discourse, oration (colloq.; rare), patter (slang or cant), orate (usually humorous or sarcastic), oratorize (rare equiv. of "orate"), stump, speechify (contemptuous), speechmake (rare), spout (colloq.); spec, lecture, platform;
Page 268 - fold (contextual), bind (contextual), ring; spec, noose, coil, kink. 2. See ENCIRCLE. loophole, n. hole (contextual), aperture (contextual), vent (rare); spec, meuse or muse (rare), embrasure. loose, a. 1. free; spec, open, light, disconnected, slack, incoherent, detached, incompact or uncompacted. graspless, crank or cranky, uncombined. Antonyms: see tight, firm. 2. Referring to the bowels: lax
Page 255 - (rare; literary); spec. football, toe, hack, punt (football), drive. kick, vi 1. strike (contextual), calcitrate (rare); spec, spurn (rare, exc. literary). 2. See recoil, object. kick, n. 1. strike (contextual), calcitration (rare), spurn (obs.); spec, punt, hack. 2. See recoil, objection. kid, n. offspring (contextual); spec, yeanling or eanling. kidney, n. reins (pi.; archaic). kill,
Page 47 - drink, carouse. bow, n. 1. (pron. bou) Spec, obeisance, curtsy, curtsey, bob, reverence, leg (archaic or jocular), beck (chiefly Scot.), nod, nid-nod (colloq.), scrape, salaam, prostration, obedience (archaic or dial.), congé (French), congee, duck, inclination, dip. 2. (pron. bou) prow, stem, head, prore (poetic), entrance (tech.), forepart; spec. foreship (rare), beakhead (rare), forefoot, forepeak, forehold,

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