Allgemeine Cultur-Geschichte der Menschheit, Volume 3

Front Cover
Teubner, 1844 - Aztecs - 10 pages
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Page 250 - the navel embossed in a manner, that must have cost them infinite pain, the way of effecting it being to seize the skin between the fore finger and thumb and scarify it longitudinally with a sharp knife; and when
Page 219 - nation having no national physiognomy and many of them perfectly south European in their features. This, one would naturally conjecture, arises from the Portuguese having mixed with them; and yet there are very few mulattoes among them.
Page 250 - Here the cicatrices, or ornamental marks on the bodies of both men and women were much more raised than in the lower parts of the River. The women in particular had their
Page 242 - bow, this they arched over with clay and filled up the whole with earth, leaving open the two ends of the passage; then placing their tobacco with a lighted cinder at one end and putting their mouths
Page 251 - beauty by the wideness of this cavity, which in some measured near an inch, the whole of the teeth and particularly the two front ones being enormously broad and very white.
Page 258 - or other cotton cloth folded round the waist and a little apron of the skin of some animal, which is a mark of gentility and as such
Page 242 - with a lighted cinder at one end and putting their mouths close to the other they sucked out the smoke.
Page 240 - certaine distance de terre et allument dessous un grand feu avec des herbes à moitié mouillées ; la fumée chasse les abeilles et les nègres
Page 240 - les arbres. Pour l'en retirer sans accident ils descendent la ruche au moyen d'une corde,
Page 57 - horret, germanos invicem incesto concubitu se polluisse, satis superque notum est; ut nihil dicam de

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