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F. A. Brockhaus., 1901 - Bibliography

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Page 22 - Fauna Arctica. Eine Zusammenstellung der arktischen Tierformen, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Spitzbergen-Gebietes auf Grund der Ergebnisse der Deutschen Expedition in das Nördliche Eismeer im Jahre 1898.
Page 112 - THE MANUFACTURE OF ALUM AND THE SULPHATES AND OTHER SALTS OF ALUMINA AND IRON. Their Uses and Applications as Mordants in Dyeing and Calico Printing, and their other Applications in the Arts Manufactures, Sanitary Engineering, Agriculture and Horticulture. Translated from the French of LUCIEN GESCHWIND. 195 Illustrations.
Page 162 - Sacred Books of the Old Testament. — A critical Edition of the Hebrew Text, Printed in Colours, with Notes. Prepared by eminent Biblical Scholars of Europe and America. Under the editorial direction of PAUL HAUPT, Professor in the John Hopkins Univ.
Page 154 - Starr. Diseases of the Digestive Organs in Infancy and Childhood. With chapters on the Investigation of Disease, and on the General Management of Children.
Page 107 - El archipiélago filipino. Colección de datos geográficos, estadísticos y científicos, relativos al mismo, entresacados de anteriores obras ú obtenidos con la propia observación y estudio por algunos padres de la misión de la Compañía de Jesús en estas islas. Washington: Imprenta del gobierno, 1900.
Page 106 - Anatomy in its Relation to Art. An Exposition of the Bones and Muscles of the Human Body, with Reference to their Influence upon its Actions and External Form.
Page 22 - Die Mathematik im Dienste der Nationalökonomie unter Rücksichtnahme auf die praktische Handhabung der Disciplinen der Finanzwissenschaft und Versicherungstechnik...
Page 19 - The Historical New Testament : Being the Literature of the New Testament arranged in the order of its Literary Growth and according to the Dates of the Documents. A New Translation, Edited, with Prolegomena, Historical Tables, Critical Notes, and an Appendix, by JAMES MOFFATT, DD In the preparation of the Translation the Author has had the valuable assistance of Professor DENNEY, Dr.
Page 111 - Vinci nella Biblioteca Ambrosiana di Milano, riprodotto e pubblicato dalla Regia Accademia dei Lincei sotto gli auspici e col sussidio del Re e del Governo.
Page 43 - CRAIK. A Century of Scottish History. From the Days before the '45 to those within living Memory. By Sir HENRY CRAIK, KCB, MA (Oxon.), Hon.

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