Alphabetical List of Battles, 1754-1900: War of the Rebellion, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, and All Old Wars, with Dates; Summary of Events of the War of the Rebellion, 1860-1865; Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection, 1898-1900; Troubles in China, 1900, with Other Valuable Information ...

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Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, 1900 - Battles - 252 pages

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Page 238 - To widow's and minor's rate add $2 per month increase for each legitimate minor child of soldier or sailor under the age of 16. ACT OF AUGUST 5, 1892. Female nurses $12.00 ACT OF MARCH 2, 1867 (NAVY ONLY). For twenty years' naval service, entitled to one-half the pay he was receiving at date of discharge. Ten years' service, whatever rate may be allowed by a board of officers appointed by the Secretary of the Navy, not to exceed rate for total disability. If in addition to service pension sailor...
Page 218 - March, appropriating $50,000,000 "for the national defense and for each and every purpose connected therewith, to be expended at the discretion of the President.
Page 194 - For the recognition of the independence of the people of Cuba, demanding that the Government of Spain relinquish its authority and government in the island of Cuba, and to withdraw its land and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban waters, and directing the President of the United States to use the land and n'aval forces of the United States to carry these resolutions into effect...
Page 237 - Rates fixed by the Commissioner of Pensions for certain disabilities not specified by law.
Page 218 - The United States of America and Her Majesty the Queen Regent of Spain, in the name of her August Son, Don Alfonso XIII, desiring to end the state of war now existing between the two countries, have for that purpose appointed as plenipotentiaries: THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, WILLIAM R. DAY, CUSHMAN K. DAVIS, WILLIAM P. FRYE, GEORGE GRAY, and WHITELAW REID, citizens of the United States; and HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN REGENT OF SPAIN, DON EUGENIO MONTERO Rios, President of the Senate, DON BUENAVENTURA...
Page 236 - ... and all of higher rank in Marine Corps 30. 00 Lieutenant, passed assistant surgeon, surgeon, paymaster and chief engineer ranking with lieutenant by law, and major in Marine Corps 25. 00 Master...
Page 157 - Grant was formally presented by the President with his commission as Lieutenant General and on the 12th was assigned to the command of the armies of the United States.
Page 235 - August 26, 1776, promised half pay for life or during disability to every officer, soldier, or sailor losing a limb in any engagement, or being so disabled in the service of the United States as to render him incapable of earning a livelihood.
Page 1 - Mississippi, January 9; Florida, January 10; Alabama, January 11; Georgia, January 19; Louisiana, January 26; Texas, February 1.
Page 237 - Double inguinal hernia, each of which passes through the external ring 14. 00 Double inguinal hernia, one of which passes through the external ring and the other does not 12.

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