Altenglische sprachproben nebst einem wörterbuch: abth. Poesie. 1867. 2. abth. Prosa. 1869

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Page 338 - Of thin auncestres, for her heigh bounte, Which is a straunge thing to thy persone ; Thy gentilesce cometh fro God alloone. Than comth oure verray gentilesse of grace, It was no thing biquethe us with oure place. Thinketh how nobil, as saith Valerius, Was thilke Tullius Hostilius, That out of povert ros to high noblesse. Redith...
Page 153 - The Kyng of Alemaigne wende do ful wel, He saisede the mulne for a castel, With hare sharpe swerdes he grounde the stel, He wende that the sayles were mangonel To helpe Wyndesore, Richard, thah thou be ever, &c. The Kyng of Alemaigne gederede ys host, Makede him a castel of a mulne post, Wende with is prude, ant is muchele bost, Brohte from Alemayne mony sori gost To store Wyndesore.
Page 338 - Alway, as doth the fuyr, lo, in his kynde. For God it wot, men may ful often fynde A lordes sone do schame and vilonye. And he that wol have pris of his gentrie, For he was boren of a gentil hous, And had his eldres noble and vertuous, And nyl himselve doo no gentil...
Page 335 - If eny wight wold claw us on the galle, That we nyl like, for he saith us soth: Assay, and he schal fynd it, that so doth. For be we never so vicious withinne, We schuln be holde wys and clene of synne. And...
Page 236 - Till mo castels wer tan ; Tounes thai yold him skete, And cites stithe of stan, The folk fel to his fet ; Ayaines him stode ther nan, In land ; He slough his fader Ban, Al bowed to his hand. LXXXIII.
Page 326 - Wenten forth in hire wey with many wise tales, And hadden leve to lyen al hire lif after. I seigh somme that seiden thei hadde ysought seintes: To ech a tale that thei tolde hire tonge was tempred to lye Moore than to seye sooth, it semed bi hire speche.
Page 343 - Sin I fro Love escaped am so fat, I never thenk to ben in his prison lene ; Sin I am free, I counte him not a bene.
Page 366 - Lord that made us. It is a wonder thyng, me thynk sothle, Thai ar so long taryyng the fowles that we Cast out. in the mornyng.
Page 339 - oon of thise thynges tweye: To han me foul and old til that I deye, And be to yow a trewe humble wyf, And...
Page 339 - we be no lenger wrothe, For, by my trouthe, I wol be to yow bothe! This is to seyn, ye, bothe fair and good. I prey to God that I...

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