Always Hope

Front Cover, 2006 - Religion - 188 pages
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"Little God Boxes." God has carefully salvaged you from the heap. Like the old knocked down grain elevator, He chooses you because your experience has captured the knockdowns of life. He crab crawled up and down your dangerous piles, side stepped through your minefield of ragged-edged tin, grimaced at your saber-pointed shards, and gingered around your bent nails stabbing their nasty attitudes up into the air. In your fading paint, your rusty nail holes, your sharp slivers, and gobs of glue slopping from your joints, you are witness that your enduring strength is the strength of the Greatest Craftsman. You have a history that needs to be shown and shared. You retain and treasure the essence of all that has touched upon you. Your Creator has chosen now to gather those special parts of your life, those little pieces as strong as their whole and to re-shape you into a repository for His grace, a safe place where people can leave their name. Your Creator has chosen you as His Little God Box.

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