Always Ready: Communist KGB Master Spy to CIA Operative And American Corporate Executive

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Xlibris Corporation, 2006 - True Crime - 308 pages
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Los Angeles, CA - (Release Date TBD) - From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Cold War devastated the world by means of ideological and socio-economic polarization. Direct hostilities between the United States and the Soviet Union, NATO and the Warsaw Pact were waged through arms races, economic competition and political propaganda. As an American CIA operative in this historic conflict, Alexander von Lockner contributed to the destruction of the nefarious KGB. His tireless efforts aided the Western cause and contributed to the final collapse of Soviet communism. This stunning account is set to begin as Xlibris releases von Lockner's compelling new book "Always Ready." This story depicts the struggle of the United States against Soviet intelligence and communist doctrine. Its portrayal of thrilling CIA operations within the sanctum sanctorum of the Soviet and East European communist institutions provides for a poignant understanding of the totalitarian demise. Readers will discover how the bravery and determination of a few nameless heroes paved the way to what is remembered as the peaceful conclusion of the Cold War. Von Lockner's work exhibits the immeasurable power that a well-placed CIA spy can posses in fulfilling the strategic interests of the United States of America. Richly-layered and informative, "Always Ready" will engross a wide audience of readers with its burning content. Students, historians, journalists, political analysts, and members of the intelligence and military communities will likewise benefit from reading this historically accurate and CIA Review Board verified account.

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