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AuthorHouse, 2005 - Medical - 164 pages
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"This is a good Country" is a compilation of historical, academic and autobiographical narratives. It weaves notes and perceptions garnered by the author from two continents, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, from Africa to the North American Continent, spanning the period 1950's to 2000's after Independence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from Belgium on June 30, 1960.

            The aim of the book is primarily directed at encapsulating in writing certain important and key events that took place in the Congo. Beginning just after World War II and following through June of 1960, it records an African view point and perspective. This is a Congolese who lived through the said events, jotting down Kisangani's notable family names and the corresponding section of town where they resided. He also notes the prevailing and existing institutions of the era, lest they are forgotten forever by the younger generations. Grand children, Congolese and others, may not have had the opportunity or privilege to bear witness to these events as we did , if not told. The present generation will gradually fade and pass away into the realm of the ancestors.

            These narratives end on a personal note, reflections of the future of the Congolese nation, the African continent and its peoples, humanity and the evolution of mankind as a whole.

            Thus, reading through the preliminary pages of these narratives may be a bit arduous to the uninitiated. There are numerous references of some rather esoteric and indigenous names and or terminologies, purposely laid down for recording. The reading becomes more engaging and palatable. One goes on to encounter different and exciting academic challenges, provocative reflections, absorbing recent scientific discoveries, advances and possibilities of new life forms.

            After taking a riverboat journey along the Congo River, exploring its flora, fauna and mighty pythons, the reader should expect the display of the

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