Amadis of Gaul: A Novel of Chivalry of the 14th Century Presumably First Written in Spanish

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University Press of Kentucky, 1803 - Nature
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On December 26, 2004, a massive tsunami triggered by an underwater earthquake pummeled the coasts of Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and other countries along the Indian Ocean. With casualties as far away as Africa, the aftermath was overwhelming: ships could be spotted miles inland; cars floated in the ocean; legions of the unidentified dead -- an estimated 225,000 -- were buried in mass graves; relief organizations struggled to reach rural areas and provide adequate aid for survivors.

Shortly after this disaster, researchers from around the world traveled to the region's most devastated areas, observing and documenting the tsunami's impact. The Indian Ocean Tsunami: The Global Response to a Natural Disaster offers the first analysis of the response and recovery effort. Editors Pradyumna P. Karan and S. Subbiah, employing an interdisciplinary approach, have assembled an international team of top geographers, geologists, anthropologists, and political scientists to study the environmental, economic, and political effects of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

The volume includes chapters that address the tsunami's geo-environmental impact on coastal ecosystems and groundwater systems. Other chapters offer sociocultural perspectives on religious power relations in South India and suggest ways to improve government agencies' response systems for natural disasters.

A clear and definitive analysis of the second deadliest natural disaster on record, The Indian Ocean Tsunami will be of interest to environmentalists and political scientists alike, as well as to planners and administrators of disaster-preparedness programs.


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An absolute must for the lovers of Don Quixote. Amadis was his hero! Amadis was the book that more than anything prompted DQ into action! Fabulous in itself and illuminating to anyone interested in ... Read full review

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Page 56 - ... size he seemed fifteen, and he served the queen; but now that Oriana was there, the queen gave her the Child of the Sea, that he should serve her, and Oriana said 'that it pleased her;' and that word which she said, the Child kept in his heart, so that he never lost it from his memory, and in all his life he was never weary of serving her, and his heart was surrendered to her; and...
Page 30 - The king remained alone with his mistress, whom he gazed at by the light of the three candles that were in the chamber. As he looked at her it seemed to him that all the beauty in the world was united in her, considering himself very fortunate that God had brought him to such a connubial state. And thus embracing they went to bed.
Page 36 - This done, she put the plank on top so well joined and calked that neither water nor anything else could enter there. And taking it in her arms and opening the door, she put it in the river and let it go. And as the water was high and strong it soon passed out to sea, which was not more than half a league away.
Page 36 - And going at full speed on their way to Scotland, the morning being already clear, they saw the ark floating on the water; and summoning four sailors, he ordered them quickly to cast off a small boat and bring the ark to him; which was speedily done, although the ark had already floated a long distance from the ship. The knight took the ark and pulled open the covering and saw the boy baby. He took it in his arms and said, "This is from some good place.
Page 34 - And it was in this wise: she obtained four boards large enough so that a baby with its swaddling clothes could be contained therein as in an ark, and as long as a sword, and she caused certain materials to be brought for making a pitch with which she might join them together so that water would not enter.

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