Amendment of the Bills of Lading Act, 1916, Volume 1

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Page 24 - Shipper's weight, load, and count," or other words of like purport indicate that the goods were loaded by the shipper and the description of them made by him; and if such statement be true, the carrier shall not be liable for damages caused by the improper loading or by the nonreceipt or by the misdescription of the goods described in the bill of lading...
Page 3 - Who has given value in good faith relying upon the description therein of the goods, for damages caused by the nonreceipt by the carrier or a connecting carrier of all or part of the goods or their failure to correspond with the description thereof in the bill at the time of its issue.
Page 17 - ... packages containing the goods are said to contain goods of a certain kind, or by words of like purport, such statements, if true, shall not make liable the warehouseman issuing the receipt, although the goods are not of the kind which the marks or labels upon them indicate, or of the kind they were said to be by the depositor.
Page 2 - If, however, the goods are described in a bill merely by a statement of marks or labels upon them or upon packages containing them or by a statement that the goods are said to be...
Page 24 - Provided, however, where the shipper of bulk freight installs and maintains adequate facilities for weighing such freight, and the same are available to the carrier, then the carrier, upon written request of such shipper and when given a reasonable opportunity so to...
Page 11 - That if a bill of lading has been issued by a carrier or on his behalf by an agent or employee the scope of whose actual or apparent authority includes the receiving of goods and issuing bills of lading therefor for transportation In commerce among the several States and with foreign nations, the carrier shall be liable to (a) the owner of goods covered by a straight bill subject to existing right of stoppage in...
Page 1 - Court of competent jurisdiction may order the delivery of the goods upon satisfactory proof of such loss or destruction and upon the giving of a bond with sufficient surety to be approved by the Court to protect the carrier or any person injured by such delivery from any liability or loss, incurred by reason of the original bill remaining outstanding.
Page 2 - The court may also in its discretion order the payment of the carrier's reasonable costs and counsel fees. The delivery of the goods under an order of the court, as provided in this section shall not relieve the...
Page 1 - That a bill in which it is stated that the goods are consigned or destined to a specified person is a straight bill. Sec. 3. That a bill in which it is stated that the goods are consigned or destined to the order of any person named in such bill is an order bill.
Page 3 - That a bill may be transferred by the holder by delivery, accompanied with an agreement, express or implied, to transfer the title to the bill or to the goods represented thereby. A straight bill cannot be negotiated free from existing equities, and the indorsement of such a bill gives the transferee no additional right.

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