America Revealed as it Is

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AuthorHouse, May 11, 2006 - Religion
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In the book there is such as, "we have made God love us, because we are such wonderful people, smart far ahead of all people and countries in all that man desires in life."   the truth of the scriptures in how and when the Creator created Israel and the Jew for his Glory. All persons, places things and consistency of all, were decreed to be by the Creator in past eternity before ever. He formed the world, whether they are good, evil or otherwise. The Creator has assured himself of receiving the Glory from his works.   the Creating of the Jew and the Muslim from the two twins of Rebecca, how they fought together before they were ever born. The Creator telling her two manner of people and two nations will come out of her womb. Jacob representing the land of Israel, Judea, Jerusalem, Canaan, "Palestine's" forever. Esau the representative of Mohammad, Muslims, Islam, for these people to come against, with continual hatred, to kill the Jew, erase Israel off the map, and rule the world, without the infidel, us American fools.

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