America's Economic Supremacy

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Page 222 - SIMON N. PATTEN, University of Pennsylvania. THE ECONOMICS OF DISTRIBUTION By JOHN A. HOBSON, author of " The Evolution of Modern Capitalism," etc. WORLD POLITICS By PAUL S. REINSCH, Ph.D., LL.B., Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin. ECONOMIC CRISES By EDWARD D. JONES, Ph.D., Instructor in Economics and Statistics, University of Wisconsin.
Page 94 - hopeless, attachment to the house of Stuart. This race has now almost entirely vanished from the land, and with it, doubtless, much absurd political prejudice: — but also many living examples of singular and disinterested attachment to the principles of loyalty which they received from their fathers, and of old Scottish faith, hospitality, worth, and honour.
Page 222 - GOVERNMENT IN SWITZERLAND By JOHN MARTIN VINCENT, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University. HISTORY OF POLITICAL PARTIES IN THE UNITED STATES By JESSE MACY, LL.D., Professor of Political Science in Iowa College. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY 66 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW
Page 119 - But Nicholas, blind to all sense of danger, and conscious of nothing but his fury, still maintained his place and his hold upon the reins. " ' Will you unclasp your hand ? ' " ' Will you tell me who you are ? ' " ' No ! ' " ' No ! ' " In less time than the quickest tongue could tell it, these words were exchanged, and Sir Mulberry
Page 100 - to him. He wrote on martial subjects because he had the martial instinct; war seemed to him the greatest of excitements, and the soldier the most eminent of men. As Lockhart has related, Scott declared that " he had never felt awed or abashed except in the presence of one man — the Duke of Wellington,
Page 96 - it's like enough they may be very right; but if they laugh because they think I would not keep my word, and come back to redeem him, I can tell them they ken neither the heart of a Hielandman, nor the honour of a gentleman.
Page 221 - FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK The Citizen's Library of Economics Politics, and Sociology UNDER THE GENERAL EDITORSHIP OF RICHARD T. ELY, Ph.D., LL.D. Director of the School of Economics, and Political Science and History
Page 107 - Look at the notches upon that weapon ; they are three in number, are they not?' " ' It seems so,' answered Morton ; ' but what of that ? ' " ' The fragment of steel that parted from this first gap, rested on the skull of the perjured traitor who first introduced Episcopacy into Scotland ; — this second notch was made in the
Page 103 - Rob cam hame, and fand desolation, God pity us ! where he left plenty ; he looked east, west, south, north, and saw neither hauld nor hope — neither beild nor shelter ; sae he e'en pu'd the bonnet ower his brow, belted the broadsword to his side, took to the brae-side, and became a broken
Page 96 - Grace me no grace,' said Evan ; ' since you are to shed Vich Ian Vohr's blood, the only favour I would accept from you is to bid them loose my hands and gie me my claymore, and bide you just a minute sitting where you are

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