America's Story for America's Children, Volume 1

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D.C. Heath & Company, 1900 - Readers

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Page 125 - Well, he served in the army till the war was over, and he now lives in one of the cities of the South. He is always ready to tell stories of the war and of old Uncle Freeman. But if you should ever happen to meet this hero, you must be sure to call him Lieutenant Dinkins ! For though he was only a boy, he earned that honor before the war was over.
Page 132 - ... alive; for many of the brave boys had been killed in battle. But it was a happy day for Harry when the train rolled into his own little town. The depot was crowded with people to welcome the soldiers, and Harry's father was there. "Are you there, Harry?
Page 121 - Even the schoolboys fought in this war; and there are many stories told of their bravery. There was one boy in the Southern army whose name was James Dinkins. He had been sent to a North Carolina school where boys are taught to be soldiers; and there he was when the war began. The boys of the school longed to go to the war; and all the boys who were old enough went.
Page 131 - The enemy is upon us!" Then Company D fell in; and most bravely it fought. It was Harry's first battle. Many of his boy comrades were killed ; but he drummed bravely on, though bullets whizzed about him. In a few months Company D went into winter quarters. It was a hard, bitter winter. Harry had...
Page 25 - Columbus would go down into the hold, and into the cabin where the sailors lived while they were on board ship. He soon learned the names of all the parts of even the biggest ships, and could climb the rigging like a real sailor. "You will make a fine sailor by and by,
Page 95 - Voice obey. Xerxes the great did die, And fo mult you & I, Toutb forward flips Death foonett tilpj. Zacbeus fie Did climb the Tree Hit Lord to fee, A PAGE FROM THE OLDEST COPY OF .
Page 117 - cried Rebecca. "And I, too," cried Sarah. The little girls watched and watched. What could they do? If they could only warn the people of the village ! But they could not, for they had no boat. " Could n't we scare the English away ? " they wondered. "There is a drum in the lighthouse,
Page 130 - Who goes there?" called the sentinel, as Harry reached the lines. " Hallo, Elias, is that you ? " he answered. But Elias would make no answer. " Give the countersign ! " he called again. " Now, Elias, you know who I am, and you know I don't know the countersign. Are n't you going to let me in?
Page 120 - From that time, as long as Rebecca and Sarah lived, they were called Captain Rebecca and Lieutenant Sarah. Sometimes they were called the American Army of Two 1 THE CONFEDERATE FLAG.

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