America's Working People

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1900 - African Americans - 261 pages

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Page 110 - We ain't so weak an' poor, John, With twenty million people, An' close to every door, John, A school-house an' a steeple. Ole Uncle S. sez he,
Page 178 - Eight (8) hours shall constitute a day's work between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, except Saturday, when work shall cease at 12 o'clock noon.
Page 150 - Massachusetts, or even of the new factory towns in the South where the relations between employers and employed are still cordial. If all that I saw while with the managers of the Carnegie works might be described under the title of "Triumphant Democracy," nearly all that I saw while with the men might be described under the title of
Page 30 - ... we cannot afford to have the quality of our citizenship lowered. But the quality of our citizenship is not lowered by immigration with anything like the rapidity which the sight of the new arrivals would seem to promise. The ideas, the opportunities, the responsibilities of our democracy change them into a new order of men. Whatever the Old World may say about the superiority of administration secured by its method of class rule, the advantage is not to be compared with the superiority of the...
Page 252 - When I reached the Red River Valley, where the large farms are still the rule, this judgment was universally confirmed. The great estates of that region are doomed to disintegration. The great wheat ranch cannot compete with the small diversified farm. In agriculture the big fish are furnishing food for the little ones.
Page 31 - Scotch and English weavers I had talked with had said that there was just that difference between the work they did in the old country and here, and I asked how he accounted for it. "The English workman is too beer-soaked," he said, " to look after more than four looms. The sentiment here," he continued, " is against drinking, and those who come over learn to meet our expectations.
Page 36 - ... persons of some education. The foreman himself turned out to be a former subscriber to The Outlook, who had dropped it, partly on account of its theology, he said, and partly on account of its politics. He was really interested in both these subjects, and in music as well. Indeed, the whole town seemed interested in music, if we could judge from the amount we heard for an hour after supper. My host laughingly said : " There is more bad playing in this town than in any other place of its size...
Page 178 - Day. ARTICLES IX and X. The party of the first part agrees to hire none but union carpenters. ... A sympathetic strike, when ordered to promote the principles here laid down, shall not be a violation of this agreement.
Page 36 - But, although this plan could not be carried out upon precisely equal terms for all, it worked well, because in rural communities in the South different denominations have learned to co-operate — sometimes taking turns as to which church shall hold the "protracted meetings.
Page 251 - the impression has been circulated far and wide that in agriculture as in manufacturing 'the big fish are eating up the little ones,' and that the independent small farm is soon to be a thing of the past.

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