America, the Winds of Change

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Clark Douglas Wilson, Feb 23, 2010 - Fiction
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The Winds of Change Reg O "Brien is an American hero wounded in Vietnam. He returns to the US where he finds true love with Navy Captain Sadie Morgan, his doctor at Walter Reed Hospital. His story follows homeland battles against organized crime and terrorists that attempts to corrupt US forces and private industry. His victories lead him to the US Senate and the inner circle of power with the Whitehouse as its hub. After he returns home, he decides to attend the Naval War College when he recuperates from his wounds. He took standard courses in the first few semesters and then specialized in Warfare Analysis and Research. Trained to develop strategic concepts to advise the Chief of Naval Operations, the advanced courses led him to a position in Naval Intelligence. He fights corruption in the military and on the streets of America. His success leads him to an advisory position with the CIA and the FBI where he helps fight the flow of drugs into the United States. In so doing, he assists in the take down of Mafia kingpins and the Terrorist, who are using drug money to advance their cause.Please read random paragraphs from The Winds of Change.Once he started his student days at the Naval War College, his workload was extremely heavy, but it was what he wanted to do. He took courses in Warfare Analysis and Research, International Law, Naval Intelligence, and Maritime Strategy. Before he knew it, the first year flashed by with only one major interruption to his training and that was orders to report to Washington. Reg attended a function at the White House; the President of the United States presented him with the Medal of Honor, and at the same time, promoted him to Lieutenant Commander. It was a proud moment for the entire O "Brien family. Chuck and Lynda came up from Florida for the presentation and someone new to the family also attended as Reg "s guest.The Guantanamo Sting turned out to be the biggest take down of not only the Catroni family from New York City, but seventeen Navy officers located in the US, Guantanamo Bay, and several bases in Europe. Most of the Navy officers ended up doing time at Leavenworth, the military prison. Elias "s fears proved to have a solid foundation when two NCIS officers were included in the disgraced group of corrupt officers. To top it off, it was icing on the cake, when the investigation proved that the poppies for the heroin came from Iran. The profits funneled to terrorist "s organizations that had been involved in hijacking American planes and attacks on innocent American civilians visiting Europe. Hundreds of Americans had died in hijackings and literally millions of American youth had suffered the horrendous pain of drug addiction.The CIA became involved in the Guantanamo Sting because of the terrorist connections. Several heroin labs in Iran exploded mysteriously. A definite outbreak of deathly food poisoning in the terrorist training camps in both Iran and Libya also took place. Persons unknown depleted the secret bank accounts in Switzerland of those terrorist organizations. The Swiss bankers cooperated and the CIA handed over compromising pictures of the Bankers and their mistresses in return.I did my duty in Vietnam, because I had sworn an oath to serve and protect my country. It would have been easier to play the saxophone in a military band, where the worst damage I could have done is hit a wrong note at an officer "s dance or got a split lip if a drunk banged into me while I was playing the sax. On the other hand, I could have joined the National Guard, became a pilot, and then simply walked away from my obligations, when the going looked like it was going to get tough. Yes, I could have, if my family had the connections, and I had the desire to cleanse my records.

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I am a retired professor from a college in Ontario, Canada. I have written technical articles in the past and have always dreamed of writing a novel. Now that retirement is here I have decided to take the plunge. I spent the last several winters in Florida and have become friends with many American Veterans of World War Two, Korea and Vietnam. We spent many afternoons over drinks discussing their experiences and their stories have become the basis of my first novel Sacrifice and Remembrance, A War Saga of an American Family.

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