America--Wake Up!

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iUniverse, Jul 14, 2004 - Fiction
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As the Twenty First Century dawns, America is shaken by the worst economic depression since 1929. Terrorism, unemployment, political, racial and social unrest pushes the nation to the brink of political collapse. Free trade, multiculturalism, uncontrolled immigration, moral decline and cultural decadence have divided the nation and undermined confidence in the two-party system, while the special interest groups that control the establishment exploit the nation for their own advancement.

Onto the national stage steps George Burton; a young, charismatic, self-made billionaire and war hero, who uses his fortune to build a political movement designed to challenge the powerful political interest groups that control the establishment.

Burton's National Association for a Populist America is quickly transformed into the most powerful nationalist movement in American history. Millions of people join the NAPA and help Burton to ignite a Nationalist Revolution.

Burton's Americanism becomes a message of hope for a better future, the restoration of the American Dream, and the rebirth of the American Nation to millions, especially the Andersons, a typical American family living in Ohio, who must struggle to survive in the economic, social and moral displacement that has disrupted the lives of millions of Americans like them.

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