Captain John Smith, by G. S. Hillard

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Jared Sparks

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Page 62 - ... and a rattle in his hand. With most strange gestures and passions, he began his invocation, and environed the fire with a circle of...
Page 200 - After a modest salutation, without any word, she turned about, obscured her face, as not seeming well contented; and in that humour her husband, with divers others, we all left her two or three houres, repenting my selfe to have writ she could speake English.
Page 17 - Eagles feathers within a ridge of silver, richly garnished with gold and precious stones...
Page 78 - there was now no talk, no hope, no work, but dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold.
Page 132 - Notwithstanding the eternal allseeing God did prevent him, and by a strange meanes. For Pocahontas, his dearest Jewell and daughter, in that darke night came through the irksome woods, and told our Captaine great cheare should be sent us by and by : but Powhatan and all the...
Page 197 - ... desperate estate, gave me much cause to respect her ; I being the first Christian this proud king and his grim attendants ever saw ; and thus inthralled in their barbarous power, I cannot say I felt the least occasion of want that was in the power of those my mortal foes to prevent, notwithstanding all their threats.
Page 197 - After some six weeks fatting amongst those savage courtiers, at the minute of my execution, she hazarded the beating out of her own brains to save mine; and not only that, but so prevailed with her father, that I was safely conducted to Jamestown...
Page 12 - ... he shewed three Torches equidistant from other, which plainly appearing to the Towne, the Governour presently apprehended, and answered againe with three other fires in like manner; each knowing the others being and intent; Smith, though distant seven miles, signified to him these words: On Thursday at night I will charge on the East, at the Alarum, salley you...
Page 63 - Three days they used this ceremony; the meaning whereof they told him, was to know if he intended them well or no. The circle of meal signified their country, the circles of corn the bounds of the sea, and the sticks his country.
Page 64 - Sea, and the stickes his Country. They imagined the world to be flat and round, like a trencher; and they in the middest. After this they brought him a bagge of gunpowder, which they carefully preserved till the next spring, to plant as they did their corne; because they would be acquainted with the nature of that seede.

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