American Hypocrisy: American Diplomacy, American Tragedy

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AuthorHouse, May 15, 2007 - History - 436 pages
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*Healthcare for everybody in America

*The crusade on Islamic nations;

*The Gods guided Evolution;

*Darwins natural selection;

*Did God create the devil?

*The danger of celibacy;

*The end of this World;

*Israel and Palestine;

*Life after Death;

*Sex education;



>The answer is here

You need to know that Torture is not the solution but the perfect solution is here, in this Worlds best-selling book of


~~American diplomacy, American Tragedy~~

Written by Stephen Grand, Ph. D


You need to know that we are almost at the end of our civilization because of the eminent possibility of biological, chemical and or nuclear catastrophe.

The Satans sword of terrorism is flying around the Globe at supersonic high speed and nobody can stop it. Nobody can stop the plague of terrorism without creating a New World Order, a World Federation, where all people on Earth will have the same responsibility and the same claim to life, dignity and justice.

You already have in your home the Bible, the Koran and/or other Scriptures, which are synchronizing your everyday life with your spiritual world. However in your hometown Library and/or Bookstore you should have also my latest best-selling book of

American Hypocrisy

ISBN 978-1-4259-9115-9

Written by Stephen Grand,


You need to read this returnable book in order to know that all people on Earth should have the right to live their lives without fear from poverty, without fear from wars and without fear from terrorism.

God gave us a nice planate to live on, but with our nuclear arsenals, wars and terrorist attacks, we are going to destroy it. We are going to eradicate ourselves, the species of Homo-sapiens.

However I have a perfect solution and with your help we can demolish the plague of terrorism.

For this reason Im urging you to release, buy and sell and more importantly acceptthe solution described in this World's best-selling memento-mori book because it is the only way to achieve world peace, it is the only way to save the human race.


Stephen Grand, Ph.D.

Tel.: 1-888-280-7715


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About the author (2007)

My name is on the cover of this book, but the name tells you almost nothing.

If you want to know who I am, you should know what I believe:

* I believe that all human beings should strive for peace and all individuals should avoid attacking and being aggressive toward humanity.

* I believe that in all schools and in all types of education, students have the right to pray in the fashion and form they wish according to their spiritual convenience and convictions.

They also have the right to learn about the process of evolution and theology, without contradiction, because there is no contradiction in concepts.

* I believe that the supernatural, supreme God created everything, the material and spiritual worlds and the whole universe.

He created the different varieties of life here on Earth and elsewhere in the universe, whether through evolution or in a supernatural way.

* I believe in the worth and dignity of the individual whithout discrimination because all the human race, all people on Earth have an equal claim to life, liberty, dignity and justice.

* I believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the fact that each individual has the right to develop his or her own personal philosophy about seeking the grace of God.

My religion and my ideas are slightly or more different from your's and from others, but I am still your brother because you and I and all of us belong only to one family, to the family of the human race.

So, I am your brother and I am urging you to accept the solution described in this best-selling Returnable book.

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