American Indian Mafia: An FBI Agent's True Story about Wounded Knee, Leonard Peltier, and the American Indian Movement (AIM)

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Outskirts Press, 2007 - History - 652 pages
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American Indian MafiaThe 1970s legacy of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota is haunted by the forgotten suffering of innocent victims and a falsified history found in almost every library in America. Sadly, what should have been a needed voice for Native America became a criminal enterprise on the reservation, where property was destroyed and lives were lost. A record founded in falsehoods and distortions completed the betrayal and denied the reality of lost opportunities, shattered lives, and a Movement hijacked by its leadership. Today, the perpetrators are known as "brave warriors" and "selfless activists," while many of their crimes against Indians are minimized, or not mentioned at all. In this provocative, first-person narrative, Special Agent Trimbach (SAC-Minneapolis) chronicles the true legacy of the American Indian Movement leadership and how this small group of radicals tore a path of destruction through the Pine Ridge Reservation on their way to personal gain, fame, and fortune, and how:?求 AIM leaders extorted funds from religious organizations, the federal government and unsuspecting supporters, and kept much of the money for themselves.?求 Public officials, deluded into excusing criminal behavior by virtue of "indigenous immunity," actually encouraged violence against other Indians.?求 Using Federal grant money, AIM leaders planned and executed the takeover of Wounded Knee village on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1973, ending in its complete destruction.?求 A Federal judge dismissed all charges against the instigators following a secret meeting with one of the defendants and an ex-parte meeting with the defendants' lawyers.?求 AIM leaders, armed with a cache of weaponry and explosives, plotted the takeover of the reservation and the elimination of the elected Tribal leadership.?求 AIM leaders conspired to murder their opponents, even their own members.?求 The media was fooled into believing AIM conspiracy theories, and often missed the real story of AIM treachery and violence.?求 AIM member Leonard Peltier, now serving life sentences for murdering two Federal Agents, attracted a worldwide following of supporters including Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, the Dali Lama, Amnesty International, the Hollywood Left and several politicians, all of whom have labeled Peltier a "political prisoner." His supporters have petitioned President Obama to grant Peltier executive clemency.?求 How Leonard Peltier and his lawyers have bilked millions of people out of their time and money in support of his claim that he is an innocent man "railroaded" into prison.?求 AIM supporters have profited from promoting bogus history, such as claims that the FBI used a COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program) against AIM leaders and their lawyers, backed roving death squads on the reservation, and conspired in the (AIM-ordered) execution of AIM member Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.?求 Authors, journalists, and historians unwittingly passed along falsified accounts, much of it designed to divert attention away from AIM criminal activity.?求 In the wake of the AIM legacy and continued governmental failures, the Pine Ridge Reservation suffers from many social malignancies such as unemployment near 90%, life expectancy of approximately 56 years, rampant alcoholism, and widespread child sex abuse. American Indian MafiaMafiaMafia AIM violence on the reservation culminated in the 1975 murder of Special Agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams, the only FBI Agents ever to have been executed in the line of duty. MafiaMafiaMafia News from Indian CountryIn the Spirit of Crazy HorseLoud HawkAmerican Indian MafiaMafiaAmerican Indian MafiaAmerican Indian MafiaFor more information, commentary, and links to current events, see (keyword: Trimbach)

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This book was a long time coming, since the only biased accounts were from the AIM (American Indian Movement) side.
I found it to be an exciting and riveting read that covers a forgotten attempt at
insurrection against the United States by thugs and idealists that believed in the criminals that called the shots.(Pun intended)AIM Extremists not only brought more misery to the Oglala people of Pine Ridge, SD, but their calculated violence culminated in the ambush and murder of two FBI agents and the assassination of a young and exploited Indian woman by these . Sometimes justice takes decades, but eventually is served and the author takes you inside the court room where her killers are finally being prosecuted. Once convicted, other crimes that occurred may also be solved. Hopefully, the remainder of the AIM gang that lured the agents into a killing zone will also be identified and brought trial. 

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