American Journal of Archaeology

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Archaeological Institute of America., 1900 - Archaeology

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Page 110 - America, and the Chairman of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens...
Page 182 - ... separately if preferred at $1.25. A reviewer in The Nation comments :— " It is concise, yet thoroughly readable, and its halftone illustrations are uniformly good. In this book we have for the first time in English a thoroughly competent history of Greek sculpture. It is a pleasure to be able to recommend almost without qualification a book on a subject which has been much at the mercy of the incompetent and the reckless.
Page 182 - With 30 plates and 87 engravings in the text. From The Nation : — " This beautiful book is •welcome to all who believe in classical archaeology as a study which may bring into prominence the humanitarian side of classical studies. It is equally serviceable for the general reader and for the scholar, since it deals competently with the whole subject in hand, without being voluminous. Of its 259 pages, nearly fifty are occupied by the engravings in the text, which are a wonderfully complete supplement...
Page 8 - At such a period as this, the need is great that those who prize the humanities as the strongest forces in the never-ending contest against the degrading influences of the spirit of materialism, as the best means of development and discipline of the intelligence, as the source of the knowledge most useful for the invigoration and elevation of character, and most abundant in nutriment for the noblest intellectual qualities, — the need is great, I say, for those who hold the humanities in this esteem,...
Page 11 - I knew him in Padua — a fantastical scholar, like such who study to know how many knots was in Hercules' club, of what colour Achilles' beard was, or whether Hector were not troubled with the toothache. He hath studied himself half blear-eyed to know the true symmetry of Csesar's nose by a shoeing-horn ; and this he did to gain the name of a speculative man.
Page 109 - School, the Chairman of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Institute, shall be ex ojjicio members of the Committee.
Page 561 - Two Hundred Engravings in the Text. The work is divided as follows :— Vol. I. Introduction, Translation, Critical Notes on the Greek Text. Vol. II. Commentary on Book I, (Attica.) Vol. III. Commentary on Books II-V. (Argolis, Laconia, Messenia, Elis I.) Vol. IV. Commentary on Books VI-VIII.
Page 29 - Race, the first attempt at a systematic classification of the whole American race on the basis of language.
Page 109 - Colleges and to other qualified students; to prosecute and to aid original research in these subjects; and to co-operate with the Archaeological Institute of America, so far as it may be able, in conducting the exploration and excavation of classic sites.

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