American Journal of Dental Science, Volume 33

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William Gird Beecroft., 1900 - Dentistry

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Page 185 - to achieve it before life be done, But he who seeks all things wherever he goes Only reaps from the hopes which around him he sows A harvest of barren regrets.
Page 498 - a surgeon in giving his evidence, informed the court that on examining the prosecutor he found him suffering from a severe contusion of the integuments under the left orbit, with great extravasation of blood and ecchymosis in the surrounding
Page 208 - the National Association of Dental Faculties and the National Association of Dental Examiners have been reconciled. These differences have been the cause of much, friction between the two bodies. The cause of the trouble was the refusal of the colleges to accept various rules which have crystallized into what is known as Rule 8 of the code of rules, Sections
Page 384 - Any and all persons who shall so desire may appear before said Board at any of its regular meetings, and be examined with reference to their knowledge and skill in dental surgery, and if the
Page 384 - indorse as satisfactory diplomas from any reputable dental college, when satisfied of the character of such institution upon the holder furnishing evidence satisfactory to the Board of his or her right to the same, and shall issue certificates to that effect within ten days
Page 195 - NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DENTAL FACULTIES. The sixteenth annual session of the National Association of Dental Faculties was held in Niagara Falls, commencing Friday, July 28, 1899. The following colleges were represented, as noted : Birmingham Dental College, Birmingham, Ala.—T. M. Allen. University of California, Dental Department, San Francisco, Cal.—AA d'Ancona. Colorado College of Dental Surgery, Denver,
Page 90 - CHAPIN" A. HARRIS, MD, DDS Sixth Edition, Carefully Revised and Enlarged by FERDINAND JS GORGAS. MD, DDS, Author of "Dental Medicine;" Editor of Harris' "Principles and Practice of Dentistry;
Page 204 - Nothing in this rule shall be construed to interfere with colleges of this association that are able to maintain a higher standard of preliminary education. Offered by Dr. Weisse : RESOLVED, That Rules 8, 9 and 10, of the Code of Rules be
Page 204 - The following preliminary examination shall be required of students seeking admission to colleges of this association. a. The minimum preliminary educational requirement of colleges of this association, after the session of 1901-1902, shall be a certificate of entrance into the third year of a high school, or its equivalent, the preliminary examination to be placed in the hands of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Page 143 - you are about to examine a septic case or one where you suspect syphilis; wash your hands in vinegar or dilute acetic acid, and you will soon discover by the smarting any little scratches or abrasions in your skin which might become the starting

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