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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Sports & Recreation - 198 pages
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     Sinner Among Puritans, A Prosecutor's Story is a 93,737 word novel that is directed toward the adult fiction market. Although it is currently published as a print-on-demand book that can be found through online bookstores, it is available for contract to traditional houses for republication, promotion and distribution. A now retired Florida Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor) writes the book. The setting is in Indiana with the action starting in 1938, the time of the Great Depression. It is entertaining fiction with the historical aspects thoroughly research for authenticity.  Online readers that have reviewed it have given it a 5 star rating! (The novel is divided into three books. For those just interested in lawyer type stories can go directly to Book III: The Law Years; but the author feels that all readers will find the whole novel worthwhile reading.)

     Book I: The Formative Years begins in recent times with the aging prosecutor, Charlie Brentwood, nearing the end of his crime fighting career. He is trying to resolve the ghastly conflicts and traumas that have resulted from his harrowing past. He wants to leave the bad memories behind, remembering the good ones.  He is looking to find his uncertain future, something older men and women can relate too. He chooses to do this by reviewing his life. The story begins with his pregnant mother, Anna, losing her beloved mate in a tragic railroad accident.  She and her small child seek to survive during a horrendous economic depression, soon replaced by World War II. The charismatic mother and child start out as transients, but find an earthly angel in the form of nurse, Miss Mary Collins, who takes them into her home. She helps the young mother care for  Charlie's diagnosed medical problems. This is a story that caregivers can especially relate to.  Mothers of male children will find the book even instructional. The story tastefully includes what all boys really feel and do as they grow through puberty and their teens. Mothers will not be left wondering what it is like sexually to be a boy. Parents will also learn that it is not only strangers that they have to worry about regarding abuse of their children.  

     Book II: Military/Business Years is about Charlie's desire to be a soldier and peacemaker. Along the way he discovers the hardships of boot camp, then about the dangers that can accompany military service, including riot duty on the streets of 1960s America. While in service, he falls in love with a nurse.  They enjoy each other in ways others might find bizarre, including the awakening of his male G-Spot. For them, they see only through clean eyes and the purity of love, which later includes the conception of a child in a most memorable way.  But the birth of his daughter points out how bittersweet such a joyful event can be. Eventually Charlie becomes a trucker in business with two mentors, a husband and wife team. But at the time, he is touched by organized crime and witnesses other horrific traumas, including the drowning of a child, and a bloody murder.

     In Book III: The Law Years, the reader discovers what it is like to go through law school, then on to being a prosecutor who survives brain tumor surgery, then later survives a liver


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