American Muslim Agenda: Muslims Together Building a Cohesive America

Front Cover
Xlibris US, Jan 11, 2019 - 310 pages
This book, The American Muslim Agenda, is a primer, a blueprint, a roadmap for American Muslims to consider. A Muslim is someone who is a conflict mitigator and a goodwill nurturer, following a formula for peaceful societies practiced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and guided by the Quran. As a community, American Muslims have not developed any concrete plans to extricate themselves out of the chaotic situations, hostility and incessant Islamophobic rhetoric we face. Each time a terrorist acts out, we start praying and wishing that the terrorist not be a Muslim. We are Americans, and we can do better than that. This book paves the way for us to own the mistakes we have made, remedy them, and become fully integrated Americans. There is only one America, and all of us are fully integrated parts of that nation. We need to learn to engage with those who are opposed to us, and I have some good success stories to share on that front. When we start defending America and American values we are in! We become an integral part of American Fabric.

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