American Observer Medical Monthly, Volume 8

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Page 196 - I hold every man a debtor to his profession; from the which, as men of course do seek to receive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty to endeavor themselves, by way of amends, to be a help and ornament thereunto.
Page 557 - ... tis most divine. Further, take it in the nature, in the true kind ; so, it makes an antidote, that had you taken the most deadly poisonous plant in all Italy, it should expel it and clarify you with as much ease as I speak. And for your green wound — your Balsamum and your St. John's wort are all mere gulleries and trash to it, especially your Trinidado ; your Nicotian is good too.
Page 354 - I shall bo soon ; Beyond the shining and the shading, Beyond the hoping and the dreading, I shall be soon. Love, rest, and home ! Sweet hope ! Lord, tarry not, but come.
Page 557 - Sir, believe me (upon my relation) for what I tell you, the world shall not reprove. I have been in the Indies (where this herb grows) where neither myself, nor a dozen gentlemen more (of my knowledge) have received the taste of any other nutriment in the world, for the space of one and twenty weeks, but the fume of this simple only. Therefore it cannot be, but 'tis most divine...
Page 205 - The Regents shall have power to enact ordinances, by-laws, and regulations for the government of the University ; to elect a president, to fix, increase, and reduce the regular number of professors and tutors, and to appoint the same, and to determine the amount of their salaries: Provided, That there shall always be at least one professor of homeopathy in the department of medicine.
Page 252 - Any person wno shall have pursued a regular course of medical studies, according to the requirements of the existing medical institutions of our country...
Page 558 - One of them, they say, will ne'er 'scape it; he voided a bushel of soot yesterday, upward and downward. By the stocks, an there were no wiser men than I, I'd have it present whipping, man or woman, that should but deal with a tobacco-pipe. Why, it will stifle them all in the end, as many as use it; it's little better than ratsbane or rosaker.
Page 390 - Small inky-looking clouds foretell rain ; light scud clouds driving across heavy masses show wind and rain ; but if alone, may indicate wind only. High upper clouds crossing the sun, moon, or stars in a direction different from that of the lower clouds, or the wind then felt below, foretell a change of wind.
Page 390 - After fine, clear weather, the first signs in the sky of a coming change are usually light streaks, curls, wisps, or mottled patches of white distant clouds, which increase, and are followed by an overcasting of murky vapor that grows into cloudiness.
Page 460 - Thro' the shadow of the globe we sweep into the younger day: Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay.

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