American Payroll Association Basic Guide to Payroll

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The New 2004 APA Basic Guide to Payroll continues to provide a complete overview of what a business person needs to know about payroll by distilling important, complex rules and regulations into practical, manageable information. It functions as a compliance manual, a source of ideas on how to save payroll taxes, a resource to answer employees' questions, and a training resource for junior staff members. Topics include:
- What's New in Payroll
- The Form W-2
- Non-Tax Deductions from Gross Pay
- How to Manage Payroll and HR Data
- Withholding Taxes from Gross Pay
- How to Pay Employees
- FICA and Income Tax Deposits and Returns
- Federal and State Unemployment Taxes
- Independent Contractors
- Federal and State Wage-Hour Laws
- Payroll Technology
- Federal Per Diem Rates
- Federal Payroll Calendar
- Payroll Accounting
- Directories of Federal and State Offices
- Employer's Tax Guides
- Common Benefits and whether they are subject to federal income tax withholding, FICA tax, federal unemployment tax and wage-hour requirements. The 2004 edition includes:
- New Social Security wage base, mileage rate, and inflated-adjusted figures
- Explanation of the new Health Savings Accounts
- How to avoid penalties for mismatched names and Social Security numbers on Forms W-2
- Electronic filing and payment options for payroll taxes
- State unemployment taxable wage bases for 2004
- How to contact a former employee before you must turn over the unpaid wages to the state. In addition to federal payroll rules, the Guide contains numerous charts providing state information on topics such as:
- Withholding for child support
-Minimum wage rates
- Voluntary unemployment contributions
- The nuts and bolts of paying employees
- State withholding allowance forms and wage and tax statements.

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