American biography: or, An historical account of those persons who have been distinguished in America, as adventurers, statesmen, philosophers, divines, warriors, authors, and other remarkable characters: Comprehending a recital of the events connected with their lives and actions. : Vol. I[-II]., Issue 33393

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by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews. Faust's statue, no 45, Newbury Street., 1794 - Biography & Autobiography

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Page 159 - he and his friends banqueted; and made me and them that were in the company great cheer; and for very joy that he had to fee the towardnefs of our intended difcovery, he entered into the dance himfelf,
Page 366 - the council eftablifhed at Plymouth, in the county of Devon, for the planting, ruling and governing of New England in America.
Page 272 - were brought in, on one of which his head was laid, and clubs were lifted up to beat out his brains. At this critical moment, POCAHONTAS, the King's favourite daughter, flew to him, took his head in her arms, and laid her own upon it. Her tender intreaties prevailed. The
Page 147 - length and breadth of their rivers. He told me many Wonderful things of the multitude of towns and cities founded along the banks of the rivers ; and that there were 200 cities upon one river only, with marble bridges over it, of a great length and breadth, and adorned with
Page 148 - underftand, they cover their temples and palaces with plates of pure gold. So that for want of knowing the way, all thefe things are hidden and concealed, and yet may be gone to with fafety. Much more might be faid, but having told you what is
Page 146 - of pepper, loaded and unloaded, befides many other mips that take in other fpice. This country is mighty populous, and there are many provinces and kingdoms, and innumerable cities under the dominion of a prince
Page 150 - the wife and ingenious men of thefe parts, as well in point of religion, as in all fciences, becaufe of the extraordinary account they have of the kingdoms and government of thefe parts. For which reafons, and many more that might be alleged, I do not at all admire, that you who have a great heart, and all the
Page 244 - was Flanders, where meeting with a Frenchman who pretended to be heir to a noble family, he, with his three attendants, prevailed upon Smith to go with them to France. In a dark night they arrived at St. Valery in Picardy, and, by
Page 9 - that we may pronounce a voyage from the Mediterranean to India, by the Cape of Good Hope, to have been an undertaking beyond their power to accomplifh ; in fuch a manner as to render it in any degree
Page 62 - which he came in the year 1170, left moft of his people there, and returning back for more of his own nation, acquaintance and friends, to inhabit that fair and large country, went thither again, with ten fails,

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