American Historical Tales for Youth

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D. Appleton & Company, 1801 - 196 pages

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Page 145 - happiness in their room. Soon after this, my companion in captivity, John Stewart, was killed by the savages, and the man that came with my brother returned home by himself. We were then in a dangerous, helpless situation, exposed daily to perils and death among savages and wild beasts—not a white man in the country
Page 142 - It was on the first of May, in the year 1769, that I resigned my domestic happiness for a time, and left my family and peaceable habitation on the Yadkin river, in North Carolina, to wander through the wilderness of America, in quest of the country of Kentucky, in company with John Finley, John Stewart, Joseph Holden, James Monay, and William Cool. We proceeded
Page 136 - what you may quickly have by love, or to destroy them that provide you food ? What can you get by war, when we can hide our provisions and fly to the woods? whereby you must famish by wronging us your friends. And why are you so suspicious of our loves
Page 148 - day of September, 1773, bade a farewell to our friends, and proceeded on our journey to Kentucky, in company with five families more, and forty men that joined us in Powel's Valley, which is one hundred and fifty miles from the now settled parts of Kentucky. This promising beginning was soon overcast with a cloud of adversity; for, upon the
Page 147 - my lodging to it, but often reposed in thick canebrakes, to avoid the savages, who, I believe, often visited my camp, but, fortunately for me, in my absence. In this situation I was constantly exposed to danger and death. How
Page 45 - his face painted blue besprinkled with silver ore; his ears all behung with bracelets of pearl, and in either ear a bird's claw through it, beset with fine copper or gold." He now had his mat spread upon the ground, and while his people all stood around him, sat
Page 150 - of which, the militia was discharged from each garrison, and I, being relieved from my post, was solicited by a number of North Carolina gentlemen, that were about purchasing the lands lying on the south side of Kentucky river, from the Cherokee Indians, to attend their treaty at Wataga. in March, 1775, to negotiate with them, and men
Page 133 - A terrific grin was exhibited on their murderous countenances, while my heart throbbed with joy at the anticipation of their intoxication. The crew immediately began to beat their bellies and sing, as they passed the bottle from mouth to mouth. How often did I wish the flask ten times its size, and filled with aquafortis ! I observed that the squaws
Page 66 - in, with the like antic tricks, painted half black, half red ; but all their eyes were painted white and some red strokes, like mustachios, along their cheeks: round about him, these fiends danced a pretty while, and then came in three more as ugly as the rest, with red eyes and white strokes over their black faces; at last they all sat down
Page 106 - Green, and gave it to Robert Bylot, the mate. Upon Green's return, he was angry, and reminded the master of his promise Hudson upon this spoke harshly to Green, telling him " that all his friends would not trust him with twenty shillings, and therefore why should he

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