American Homoeopathist, Volume 6

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Chatterton-Peck., 1880 - Homeopathy
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Page 226 - I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of said original law. ' Given under my hand and the seal of office of the Secretary of State, at the city of Albany, this third day of May, in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five.
Page 226 - State, he shall exhibit the same to the faculty of some incorporated medical college or medical school of this State, with satisfactory evidence of his good moral character, and such other evidence, if any, of his qualifications as a physician or surgeon, as said faculty may require. If his diploma and qualifications are approved by them, then they shall indorse said diploma, which shall make it for the purpose of his license to practice medicine and surgery within this State the same as if issued...
Page 189 - HEINIGKE, of Leipzig. Translated from the German by EMIL TIETZE, MD, of Philadelphia. Pp. 576. 8vo. Cloth, $3.50 " The reader of this work will gain more practical knowledge of a given drug from its pages in the same space of time than from any other book on the same subject.
Page 282 - The following is recommended as a cure for sleeplessness: Wet half a towel, apply it to the back of the neck, pressing it upward toward the base of the brain, and fasten the dry half of the towel over so as to prevent the too rapid exhalation. The effect is prompt and charming, cooling the brain, and inducing calmer, sweeter sleep than any narcotic. Warm water may be used, though most persons prefer cold. To those...
Page 336 - ... injection. This is carried up to the fundus, and, with the usual precautions against injecting air, and securing a free return, we inject water as hot as can be conveniently borne by the hand — /. /•., about 112 F.
Page 225 - State unless h* is twenty-one years of age, and either has been heretofore authorized so to do, pursuant to the laws in force at the time of his authorization, or is hereafter authorized so to do...
Page 192 - That for discussion the essays shall be presented singly or in groups, according to their subject-matter, a brief analysis of each being given from the chair. " 11. That a member of the Congress, (or two, where two classes of opinion exist on the subject, as in the question of the dose) be appointed some time before the meeting to open the debate, ten minutes being allowed for such purpose ; and that then the essay, or group of essays, be at once opened for discussion, five minutes being the time...
Page 53 - The medicine which I use for removing nasal polypi is four or five drops of pure acetic acid injected with an hypodermic syringe within the body of the polypus once only, very seldom twice; the polypus generally drops off within three or five days without discomfort or pain. Disinfecting lotion will correct the offensive odour.
Page 225 - ... this act The person so registering shall subscribe and verify by oath or affirmation, before a person duly qualified to administer oaths under the laws of...
Page 278 - That the prognosis is better, as a rule, for nervous symptoms caused by syphilis, than for the same symptoms depending on a lesion equal in extent, caused by another malady of the nervous centres...

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