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F.W. Christern, 1870

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Page 255 - 7. Climate has certainly a great share in effecting this change. It is not nearly so rigorous and inclement in America as in Norway, and thus does not make the same demands on the vital powers of resistance.
Page 47 - Translated from the French, with Notes and Additions, by FREEMAN J. BUMSTEAD, MD. Professor of Venereal Diseases in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.* With 145 beautifully colored figures on 26 plates.
Page 255 - This has happened, however, to those who were adults at the date of their immigration, and who had, before coming over, lived in such a manner as to predispose to the disease, and who also had not profited to the same extent as most in the general advantages life in America offers.
Page 121 - Jewish children acknowledged a syphilitic cause, while no less than one-sixth of those of Christians are of such origin. In this calculation I omit altogether the numerous diseases which are, in all probability, remotely dependent on syphilis, and comprise those only which present the disease in a well-marked form.
Page 79 - Lichen planus is an eruption of pimples remarkable for their color, their figure, their structure, their habits of isolated and aggregated development, their habitat, their local and chronic character, and for the melasmic stains which they leave behind them when they disappear.
Page 121 - ... matter is much wider. In syphilis the innocent suffer with the guilty, and the wife and children have often to bear the penalty of the sin of the husband and father. During the period from which the statistics just adduced have been obtained, I have had under my care at the hospital a total of 252 children under the age of five years. Of these, 179 have been of Christian parentage, and 73 of Jewish. Among the former have occurred 27 cases of congenital syphilis, while among the latter there have...
Page 283 - September 20, 21 and 22, 1892, the following officers were elected to serve for the ensuing year: President, Dr.
Page 78 - Arsenicalis (u^iii tds) were ordered, and this treatment was continued up to the 19th, when itching of the conjunctivse and a whitish tongue indicated the full action of the remedy upon the system. At the same time the patient complained of an aching pain in the right shoulder and elbow, which on the following day was associated with a copious and well-marked eruption of herpetic vesicles over the integument of the arm and forearm. No other part of the body was similarly affected.
Page 121 - Taking, then, this fact as established, it suggests itself as probable that circumcision was by Divine command made obligatory upon the Jews, not solely as a religious ordinance, but also with a view to the protection of health. Among them promiscuous intercourse was certainly not regarded in the heinous light which it is under the present dispensation, while polygamy and concubinage were openly permitted. One is led to ask, witnessing the frightful ravages of syphilis in the present day, whether...
Page 255 - Investigating the leprosy prevalent among them, he came to the following conclusions : (1) There are among the Scandinavian population in North America no instances of leprosy attacking those born in the country. (2) There are among the Norwegians who have immigrated not a few who are now the subjects of leprosy. (3) Most of the leprosy patients were already leprotic when they came over. (4) In not a few cases, also, the leprotic symptoms had their first outbreak in America. This has happened, however,...

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