American Journal of Syphilography and Dermatology ...

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F.W. Christern, 1871

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Page 386 - On Some Disorders of the Nervous System in Childhood. Being the Lumleian Lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians in March 1871. By CHARLES WEST, MD Crown 8vo.
Page 386 - Meadows' Manual of Midwifery. Including the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy, Obstetric Operations, Diseases of the Puerperal State, etc. 145 Illustrations. 494 pages. Cloth, 2.00 Swayne's Obstetric Aphorisms.
Page 374 - It appears, when given in small doses and continuously for some time, to induce a form of toxaemia similar to that caused by the continued administration of ergot. Its effects on the fingers of both hands, in the two cases related above, would justify such a belief. It is well known that animals fed on spurred rye suffer gangrene of the extremities.
Page 288 - DR. THEODOR BILLROTH. Professor of Surgery in Vienna. GENERAL SURGICAL PATHOLOGY AND THERAPEUTICS. In Fifty-one Lectures. A Text-book for Students and Physicians.
Page 374 - These cases are, it appears to me, amply sufficient to establish the toxical effects of this powerful agent. It is probable that its poisonous effects are exerted in two ways. 1st. When given in a large dose, and especially where the system may have been charged with it by its previous administration, it at once overwhelms the powers of life, and causes immediate death. Upon what organ or organs does it exert its deadly effects ? It must be either upon the heart or the brain, perhaps on both. It...
Page 356 - ... general way, far better off than they were in Norway ; there is not the same necessity of exposing themselves so much to the influence of climate, and when exposure is necessary they are better protected. 9. Leprosy will disappear amongst the Norwegian population in the States, or will be found only in isolated imported cases. It will not be transmitted from generation to generation as an endemic disease. Such are the opinions of a highly qualified investigator on this important subject. Even...
Page 374 - February last, a medical friend, long retired from practice, called on me for advice in regard to a singular affection of the fingers of both hands, attended with desquamation of the cuticle and superficial ulceration, especially about the borders of the nails. It was attended with pain, and much morbid sensibility to touch. It was also associated with some acceleration of pulse, and general malaise.
Page 96 - THE PATHOLOGY AND TREATMENT OF VENEREAL DISEASES. Including the results of recent investigations upon the subject.
Page 93 - If, however, they be left in for an hour or for a night, more or less pain is caused, and this appears to be due to a combination occurring between the tannin and the mucus or pus, which becomes hard, and acts like a foreign body. Dr. Schuster has had no case of orchitis following the use of these pencils, though he has thought it advisable to recommend the employment of a suspensory bandage, nor has he noticed any irritation of the bladder or prostate. In cases of gleet a rod may be left in for...
Page 164 - That care must be taken to distinguish certain symptoms caused by gout, from the same symptoms owing their origin to syphilis. 13. That the prognosis is better, as a rule, for nervous symptoms caused by syphilis, than for the same symptoms depending on a lesion equal in extent, caused by another malady of the nervous centres...

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