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F.W. Christern, 1873

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Page 115 - We must believe that the specific poison of syphilis is either not contained in the vaccine lymph at all, or is not equally diffused through it. Thus, in the first series of cases, two out of twelve vaccinated escaped syphilis ; in the second series, out of about twenty-six vaccinated more than half escaped ; while in the third and fourth series only one out of at least twelve vaccinated from each vaccinifer is known to have been syphilised.
Page 383 - The Science and Art of Surgery ; being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. By JOHN ERIC ERICHSEN, Senior Surgeon to University College Hospital, and Holme Professor of Clinical Surgery in University College, London.
Page 116 - ... its usual phases and heals, and nothing more happens till the end of a month, when the scar indurates and the chancre forms. In some cases, however, the vaccination sore never heals, and in these the scab somewhat obscures the characters of the chancre. Characters of the vaccination-chancre. — It begins as a little, red, firm, glossy tubercle, which gradually increases in size, and becomes harder. In about a fortnight it usually ulcerates, the sore giving off but very little discharge, and...
Page 252 - The evidence derived from the experience of the attendants in leper asylums is especially conclusive on this point. " The few instances that have been reported in a contrary sense either rest on imperfect observation, or they are recorded with so little attention to the necessary details as not to affect the above conclusion.
Page 113 - He said that the sores on the arm had broken out at the seat of the vaccinationpunctures. He had been vaccinated three months before admission ; the punctures took, and behaved as usual ; but when just healed over, a month after the operation, they inflamed and broke out into sores. About a fortnight later (six weeks After vaccination) the rash appeared, and at the end of another month the iritis set in. The nature of the disease had not hitherto been diagnosed, and no specific treatment had been,...
Page 89 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON URINARY AND RENAL DISEASES, including Urinary Deposits. Illustrated by numerous cases and engravings.
Page 116 - ... characters may be thus quite hidden. These cases are generally in children. Treatment of the vaccination-chancre. — Mr. Hutchinson feels no doubt that should a vaccination-scar take on the induration characteristic of a chancre, and should the other facts of the case corroborate the suspicion, it is the surgeon's duty without delay to commence the administration of mercury. The influence of mercury in retarding and greatly diminishing the severity of the primary and secondary symptoms was most...
Page 16 - in order to secure its virtues as an alterative, it will be necessary to push the medicine to the full development of the phenomena which first indicate its peculiar action on the system. Arsenic, as a remedy, is too often suspended, or altogether abandoned, at the very moment its curative powers are coming into play.
Page 2 - Fox has very carefully studied the clinical characters of the disease in a great number of patients, some of whom he kindly showed me and explained to me his views of the disease. Dr. Fox says " the disease, in its slightest form, is confined to the hands, occurring in the interdigits, over the palm and along the sides of the fingers, and on the palmar surfaces. It makes its appearance in those who habitually perspire freely, and the patients feel weak and depressed. The eruption consists of minute...
Page 286 - ... or other small glass vessel for purposes of examination. The bladder ceases for a time to be a reservoir; it does not expand, but is contracted round the catheter, and the urine percolates from the ureters direct.

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