American Library Edition of Workshop Receipts: Being a Complete Technical Encyclopaedia in Five Volumes, Volume 5

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Spon & Chamberlain, 1903 - Industrial arts

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Page 275 - No person shall mix, colour, stain, or powder, or order or permit any other person to mix, colour, stain, or powder any article of food with any ingredient or material so as to render the article injurious to health...
Page 412 - Build me straight, O worthy Master, Staunch and strong, a goodly vessel, That shall laugh at all disaster, And with wave and whirlwind wrestle!
Page 6 - Cover the place you wish to mark with melted beeswax, when cold write- the inscription plainly in the wax clear to the metal with a sharp instrument, then apply the mixed acids with a feather, carefully filling each letter. Let it remain from one to ten minutes, according to the appearance desired.
Page 237 - Thus, it is possible to appreciate the effect of small quantities of metallic impurity as affecting the colour resulting from the action of the pickle. Copper containing a small quantity of antimony gives a shade very different from that resulting from the pickling of pure copper. But the copper produced in Japan is often the result of smelting complex ores, and the methods of purification are not so perfectly understood as in the West. The result is that the socalled
Page 275 - Under this section it is in violation of the sale of food and drugs act to " sell to the prejudice of the purchaser any article of food or any drug which is not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded.
Page 279 - Where any matter or ingredient not injurious to health has been added to the food or drug because the same is required for the production or preparation thereof as an article of commerce, in a state fit for carriage or consumption and not fraudulently to increase the bulk, weight, or measure of the food or drug, or conceal the inferior quality thereof...
Page 236 - In the case of the shaku-do, we shall see presently the gold appears to enable the metal to receive a beautiful rich purple coat or patina, as it is called, when treated with certain pickling solutions ; while shibu-ichi possesses a peculiar silvergray tint of its own, which, under ordinary atmospheric influences, becomes very beautiful, and to which the Japanese artists are very partial. These are the principal alloys, but there are several varieties of them, as well as combinations of shaku-do...
Page 280 - This second boiling will occupy about an hour. Taken off the fire, the vessels are carried to a large wooden trough, over which is spread a coarse, open wire netting. The contents are poured over this, and the peel distributed over the surface of the netting, so that the...
Page 280 - ... just dissolved in a little water, and in this the now dried peel taken off the wire netting is immersed. The same copper vessels are used, and the mixture is again boiled over a slow fire. A short boiling will suffice for this, the last process, for the little water will...
Page 279 - A brewer of beer for sale shall not adulterate beer, or add any matter or thing thereto (except finings for the purpose of clarification, or other matter or thing sanctioned by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue), before the same is delivered for consumption, and any beer found to be adulterated, or mixed with any other matter or thing (except as aforesaid), in the possession of a brewer of beer for sale shall be forfeited, and the brewer shall incur a fine of fifty pounds.

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