American Observer Medical Monthly, Volume 17

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1880 - Homeopathy
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Page 102 - Too much horrified to speak, They can only shriek, shriek, Out of tune, In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire, In a mad expostulation with the deaf and frantic fire Leaping higher, higher, higher, With a desperate desire, And a resolute endeavor Now — now to sit or never, By the side of the pale-faced moon.
Page 605 - Beneath this mouldering canopy Once shone the bright and busy eye ; But start not at the dismal void, — If social love that eye employed...
Page 477 - ... the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms of the case of disease are chiefly and almost solely to be kept in view ; for it is more particularly these that very similar ones in the list of symptoms of the selected medicine must correspond to, in order to constitute it the most suitable for effecting the cure.
Page 282 - Shall I ask the brave soldier, who fights by my side In the cause of mankind, if our creeds agree ? Shall I give up the friend I have valued and tried, If he kneel not before the same altar with me ? From the heretic girl of my soul shall I fly, To seek somewhere else a more orthodox kiss?
Page 605 - Can nothing now avail to them; But if the page of Truth they sought, Or comfort to the mourner brought, These hands a richer meed shall claim, Than all that waits on wealth or fame.
Page 331 - ... all, or it may be to the extent of complete separation from contact of the broken surfaces, varying with the amount of force applied and with the retaining influence of the surrounding dense structures. "The first essential of the treatment of fracture of the lower end of the radius is the complete reduction of the displacement.
Page 179 - Murder? Ghost. Murder most foul, as in the best it is ; But this most foul, strange, and unnatural.
Page 332 - In the treatment of fracture of the lower end of the radius it is essential that proper allowance be made for the curvature of the anterior or palmar surface of this part of the bone. This is insured in the splint which I have devised, which follows correctly the radial curvature; and the fixing of the thenar and hypothenar eminences of the hand in their moulded beds maintains the splint immovably in. its correct position with reference to the radial curve. To neglect .of complete primary reduction...
Page 605 - If grandeur's guilty bribe they spurned, And home to virtue's cot returned, These feet with angel's wings shall vie, A.nd tread the palace of the sky.
Page 269 - Our exalted estimate of this article is confirmed by all of the many practitioners who have expressed to us their opinion of it. Wherever a constructive is indicated, Maltine will be found excellent. In pulmonary phthisis and other scrofulous diseases, in chronic syphilis, and in the various cachectic conditions it is invaluable.

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