American Universities: American Foreign Service and an Adequate Consular Law

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Stromberg, Allen & Company, 1909 - Business education - 86 pages
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Page 57 - ... 9. Whenever a vacancy shall occur in the eighth or ninth class of consuls which the president may deem it expedient to fill, the secretary of state shall inform the board of examiners, who shall certify to him the list of those persons eligible for appointment, accompanying the certificate with a detailed report showing the qualifications, as revealed by examination, of the persons so certified. If it be desired to fill a vacancy in a consulate in a country in which the United States exercises...
Page 57 - The scope and method of the examinations shall be determined by the Board of Examiners, but among the subjects shall be included...
Page 56 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the consular system of the United States be reorganized in the manner hereinafter provided in this Act. SEC. 2. That the...
Page 57 - No person shall be certified as eligible who is under twenty-one or over fifty years of age, or who is not a citizen of the United States, or who is not of good character and habits and physically, mentally, and temperamentally qualified for the proper performance of diplomatic work, or who has not been specially designated by the President for appointment to the diplomatic service subject to examination and subject to the occurrence of an appropriate vacancy.
Page 14 - YALE-COLUMBIA COURSES IN PREPARATION FOR FOREIGN SERVICE The system of COURSES FOR FOREIGN SERVICE inaugurated by Yale University and Columbia University is designed to prepare students for practical work in foreign countries, either in the service of the United States Government, or in business enterprises, or in missionary or scientific lines. The course of study includes seven divisions : (1) Languages, (2) Geography, (3) Ethnography, (4) History, (5) Religions, (6) Economics, (7) Law.
Page 57 - If appointed upon such examination. "12. In designations for appointment subject to examination and in appointments after examination, due regard will be had to the rule that as between candidates of equal merit appointments should be so made as to secure proportional representation of all the states and territories In the Consular Service...
Page 39 - DECEMBER 13, 1906. 1. The examinations will be the same for all grades and will be to determine a candidate's eligibility for appointment In the Consular Service, Irrespective of the grade for which he may have been designated for examination and without regard to any particular office for which he may be selected. 2. The examinations will consist of an oral and a written one, the two counting equally. The object of the oral examination will be to determine the candidate's business ability, alertness,...
Page 56 - States, subject always to the advice and consent of the Senate : — 1 . Vacancies in the office of consul-general and in the office of consul above class 8 shall be filled by promotion from the lower grades of the consular service, based upon ability and efficiency as shown in the service.
Page 39 - Examiners, but among the subjects shall be included at least one modern language other than English ; the natural, industrial and commercial resources and the commerce of the United States, especially with reference to the possibilities of increasing and extending the trade of the United States with foreign countries ; political economy ; elements of international, commercial and maritime law.
Page 39 - The examinations will consist of an oral and a written one, the two counting equally. The object of the oral examination will be to determine the candidate's business ability, alertness, general contemporary information, and natural fitness for the service, including moral, mental, and physical qualifications, character, address, and general education and good command of English.

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