An Account of a Voyage to New South Wales, 1. kötet

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M. Jones, 1810 - 472 oldal

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319. oldal - These apartments compose an intricate labyrinth, which extends a foot or more in diameter from the royal chamber on every side. Here the nurseries and magazines of provisions begin ; and, being separated by small empty chambers and galleries, which surround them, and communicate with each other...
199. oldal - Every thing about the place partook of that neatness and simplicity which were the strongest features in the outline of their character. The church they had constructed was a plain neat building ; their mill for grinding corn was superior to any in the colony ; their garden was in high order, and produced abundance of vegetables for the use of the table. Almost every thing that had been done was by the labour of their own hands.
383. oldal - ... as we could perceive, but to kill them. " Being desirous of knowing the use of the stick which one of our visitors carried in his hand, I made signs to them to...
318. oldal - When a nest or hillock is in the infant state, the nurseries are close to the royal apartment. But as, in process of time, the body of the queen enlarges, it becomes necessary, for her accommodation, to augment the dimensions of her chamber. She then, likewise, lays a greater number of eggs, and requires more attendants; of course, it is necessary that both the number and dimensions of the adjacent apartments should be augmented. For this purpose, the small first-built nurseries are taken to pieces,...
383. oldal - One of them was so frightened, that he let drop an axe and two knives that had been given to him. From us, however, they went to the place where some of the Discovery's people were employed in taking water into their boat. The officer of that party, not knowing that they had paid us so friendly a visit, nor what their intent might be, fired a musquet in the air, which sent them off with the greatest precipitation. Thus ended our first interview with the natives.
321. oldal - When they attack the leg, the stain of blood upon the stocking extends more than an inch in width. They make their hooked jaws meet at the first stroke, and never quit their hold, but suffer themselves to be pulled away leg by leg, and piece after piece, without the smallest attempt to escape.
309. oldal - These would march in troops, as if they were busy in seeking somewhat ; they were always in haste, and always followed their leaders, let them go where they would. They had no beaten paths to walk in, but rambled about like hunters. Sometimes a band of these Ants would happen to march through our huts, over our beds, or into our pavilions, nay sometimes into our chests, and there ransack every part ; and wherever the foremost went the rest all came after. We never disturbed them, but gave them free...
199. oldal - The good fathers, who were three in number, were well disposed to satisfy every question put to them. They were men of the middle age, plain and decent in their dress, cleanly in their persons, of modest manners, meek and humble in their deportment, but intelligent and lively in conversation, zealous in the cause of their mission, but free from bigotry or enthusiasm.
312. oldal - When we cut it, we found it intersected by innumerable winding passages, all filled with these animals, by which, however, the vegetation of the plant did not appear to have suffered any injury. We never cut one of these roots that was not inhabited, though some were not bigger than a hazle nut.
319. oldal - The interior building, or assemblage of nurseries, chambers, and passages, has a flattish roof, without any perforation. By this contrivance, if by accident water should penetrate the external dome, the apartments below are preserved from injury The area has also a flattish floor, which is situated above the royal chamber. It is likewise water-proof, and so constructed, that if water gets admittance, it runs off by subterraneous passages, which are of an astonishing magnitude. " I measured one of...

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