An Angler's Basket, Filled in Sunshine and Shade

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Harrison House Publishers, 2008 - Sports & Recreation - 164 pages
There is always a feeling of sadness, mingled with joy, at the birth of a posthumous child welcome though the new arrival may be, and doubly dear, perhaps, from the circumstances under which it comes into the world, its friends are irresistibly reminded of the parent whose friendship they have lost, and whose fostering care will be wanting to his child. Such feelings are evoked by the issue of this book which its Author had prepared for publication, but which, alas he was not destined to see through the press. It will appeal, not in vain, to its critics to be kind, and recall, especialIy to those Northern friends who enjoyed the personal acquaintance of Mr. Pritt, many a delightful hour spent in his company, either at the riverside or in social intercourse, in which they heard, perhaps, not a few of the Storics or It Sayings, or received some of the hints which are now l Emptied out of his basket for the edification or amusement of a wider circle of anglers than they have hitherto reached. The proverbial generosity of an angIer was a marked feature in our late friends character personal service and pecuniary support were given ungrudgingly to help a brother angler, or forward any movement for preserving old, or developing new, opportunities of indulging in the gentle art of which he himself was a master. This generous sympathy for a pastime-if angling may be so styled-and its votaries is apt to extend itself in other directions, and consideration for others not infrequently involves forgetfulness of self, with pecuniary results from which a shortened life leaves but little opportunity for recovery. It was partly so in the case of him whose book is now sent forth, with the hope that purchasers of it may be numerous in view of the fact that every copy sold will be of some pecuniary advantage to her who halved his sorrows and doubled his joys, and whose grief is shared by the many friends whom he attached to himself by his spoken or written words. Kindly and sympathetic notices to this effect of the publication of An Anglers Basket have already appeared in the Press in anticipation of its appearance. As one who was associated with Mr. Pritt in the formation of the Northern Anglers Association, and who succeeded him as its President, I can but express my fervent hope that this posthumous child of his brain and pen may find many who will take charge of it and adopt it as their own, and give it n place on their bookshelves for the sake of him who has gone and of her who survives him, as well as for their own delectation as they peruse its pages in those hours of leisure which they are still permitted to enjoy.

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