An Ecclesiastical History of Ireland: From the First Introduction of Christianity Among the Irish to the Beginning of the Thirteenth Century, כרך 3

כריכה קדמית
Graisberry, 1822
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עמוד 287 - Quid Hiberniam memorem, contempto pelagi discrimine, pene totam, cum grege philosophorum, ad littora nostra migrantem ? Quorum quisquis peritior est ultro sibi indicit exilium, ut Salomoni sapientissimo famuletur ad votum.
עמוד 145 - To these times, that is, to the latter part of the seventh, or the beginning of the eighth century, ought, I think, to be assigned the foundation of the see of Killaloe. Its first bishop was St. Flannan, who, according to every account, was a son of the above mentioned king Theodoric. (20) He could not have been a disciple of St. Molua, (21) who was undoubtedly dead before Flannan was born.
עמוד 78 - Hiberniam quoque insulam pari clade premebat. Erant ibidem eo tempore multi nobilium simul et mediocrium de gente Anglorum, qui tempore Finani et Colmani episcoporum, relicta insula patria, vel divinae lectionis, vel continentioris vitae gratia illo secesserant.
עמוד 308 - it is not denied, that in old times it was practised in Ireland, as well as every where else."f purgatory; 7. There is no conclusive evidence that the Irish of the seventh century generally believed in the existence of a purgatory or intermediate state of purification between heaven and hell after death ; or that such was their doctrine in the eighth century. Nor is there any better proof...
עמוד 396 - ... make use of the religious house belonging to the church of Saint Thomas. This being against the will of those who had charge of it, they beseeched him not to occupy this building given over to the accommodation of pilgrims who came to visit the tomb. But the pagan baron refused to remove the grain. On the following night the Saint appeared to him in a vision, holding in his hand a fork, which he pointed at the throat of the baron, saying to him: "If thou dost not immediately leave my house which...
עמוד 64 - But as for you and your companions, you certainly sin, if, having heard the decrees of the Apostolic see, nay, of the universal Church, confirmed, as they are, by Holy Scripture, you scorn to follow them; for, though your fathers were holy, do you think that those few men, in a corner of the remotest island, are to be preferred before the universal Church of Christ throughout the world? And if that Columba of yours, (and, I may say...
עמוד 305 - Christi day it is statfed, that in the sacrament " is kept up the memory of that " most excellent charity, which Christ showed in his passion — " and that in the last supper, when, having celebrated the Pasch , . with his disciples, he was about to pass from this world to his " Father, he instituted this sacrament as a perpetual memorial of " his passion, a fulfilment of the ancient figures, the greatest of " the miracles wrought by him, and thus left a singular comfort " to the persons grieved...
עמוד 418 - Providence and the bravery of his troops, prepared for battle, dividing his army likewise into three divisions ; one to oppose the enemy's first division, under his son Morogh, who had along with him his son Torlogh, and a select body of the brave Dalcassians, besides four other sons of Brian, Teige, Donald, Connor, and Flan, and various chieftains, Donchuan...
עמוד 418 - Cian and Donald, two princes of the Eugenian line, under whom were the forces of Desmond and other parts of the South of Ireland...
עמוד 206 - one is desirous of wisdom, let him come to us and " receive it; for we have it to sell.

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