An Essay on Genius

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W. Strahan; T. Cadell, 1774 - Počet stran: 434
"This book covers the following topics related to genius: the nature of genius; the province and criterion of genius; to what faculty of mind genius belongs; how genius arrives from the imagination; the influence of judgment upon genius; the dependence of genius on other intellectual powers; the general sources of the varieties of genius; qualities of ideas which produce association; the influence of the passions on association; reflections of the principles of association; ideas suggested, either by sensations, or by other ideas; the combination of associating principles; the predominance of the associating principles; flexibility of imagination; the varieties of memory, and their influence on genius; the varieties of judgment, and their influence on genius; the kinds of genius; genius twofold, for science, or the the arts; the structure of imagination which distinguishes the two kinds of genius; how the two kinds of genius differ in respect of the assistance which they derive from memory; how the two kinds of genius differ in respect of the assistance which they derive from judgment; the two kinds of genius farther compared and distinguished; taste essential to genius for the arts; the power of execution necessary to genius for the arts; and the union of different kinds of genius"--Book. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2008 APA, all rights reserved).

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