An Exposť on the Dissentions of Spanish America ...: Intended as a Means to Induce the Mediatory Interference of Great Britain, in Order to Put an End to a Destructive Civil War and to Establish Permanent Quiet and Prosperity, on a Basis Consistent with the Dignity of Spain, and the Interests of the World ...

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author, and sold, 1814 - Charcas (Audiencia) - 480 pages

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Page 375 - That God and nature put into our hands!" I know not what ideas that lord may entertain of God and nature, but I know that such abominable principles are equally abhorrent to religion and humanity. What ! to attribute the sacred sanction of God and nature to the massacres of the Indian scalpingknife — to...
Page 256 - ... there is no truth more thoroughly established than that there exists in the economy and course of nature an indissoluble union between virtue and happiness, between duty and advantage, between the genuine maxims of an honest and magnanimous policy and the solid rewards of public prosperity and felicity...
Page 375 - to use all the means which God and nature have put into our hands." I am astonished, I am shocked, to hear such principles confessed ; to hear them avowed in this House or in this country.
Page 376 - I call upon the honor of your Lordships to reverence the dignity of your ancestors, and to maintain your own ! I call upon the spirit and humanity of my country, to vindicate the national character...
Page 377 - Let them perform a lustration ; let them purify this House, and this country, from this sin. My Lords, I am old and weak, and at present unable to say more ; but my feelings and indignation were too strong to have said less. I could not have slept this night in my bed, nor reposed my head on my pillow, without giving this vent to my eternal abhorrence of such preposterous and enormous principles.
Page 376 - ... against your Protestant brethren; to lay waste their country, to desolate their dwellings, and extirpate their race and name, with these horrible hell-hounds of savage war! — hell-hounds, I say, of savage war.
Page 324 - English literature on this as well as on the other side of the Atlantic.
Page 469 - Ireland was five hundred years in subduing; and after the vain projects of a military government, attempted in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, it was soon discovered that nothing could make that country English, in civility and allegiance, but your laws and your forms of legislature. It was not English arms, but the English constitution, that conquered Ireland.
Page 375 - These abominable principles, and this more abominable avowal of them, demand the most decisive indignation. I call upon that right reverend and this most learned bench to vindicate the religion of their God, to support the justice of their country. I call upon the bishops to interpose the unsullied sanctity of their lawn, upon the judges to interpose the purity of their ermine, to save us from this pollution.
Page 376 - Spain armed herself with blood-hounds to extirpate the wretched natives of America; and...

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