An Extension of Time to Die for: Maylee's Nightmare

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AuthorHouse, 2004 - Fiction - 300 pages
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Helena Wasilowska, a famous actress, has no dreams other than to become a star of an international acclaim until one night after a beautiful performance, she received a bouquet of roses, accompanied by an invitation to have dinner with a polish Baronet named Bartos. She has had many offers by men and even lordlings, but no note had impressed her as this particular one had.

After all she had the love of Zaslow, her manager and mentor, but she needed something else, she desired someone else to give herself to only her one true love.

She accepted the invitation and when she arrived at the assigned place, she found the man of her dreams. Champagne and a dinner of exquisite fare lies before her. The setting was perfect, and she was enamored of this handsome man. Dinner was delicious, the wine superb, and suddenly she found herself in the arms of a man who would seduce her, here and now, and she welcomed the seduction. In all of her experience as an actress, she had given herself to no one. This was the passion she had never felt, and as he caressed her breast, she was totally and deeply lost.

A loud pounding on the door, "who would dare interrupt me" for the Baronet was as wildly excited as she . . . Another loud knock!

"Come in!" Bartos shouts. "My lord, Bartos, I have bad news, your father the Baron is dead! Your mother summons you to her side immediately."

Helena in her state of dishabille flushed, her passions running wild was wounded to the quick when the Baron abruptly left her unfilled and bereft. Thankfully he had arranged for a carriage to take her home. Confused and still disheveled she arrived home embarrassed and alone. She would never love again. Her heart was hardened forever due to such treatment.

Zaslow, her mentor was there to try and pick up the pieces, but to no avail Helena would never be the same. Her face flamed at this excruciating embarrassment.

Her life transpired, time went by and when most unexpected, the Baron, reappeared in her life, and managed to reawaken the passion between them in only a instant and changed her life forever.

From the moment he spirits her to his family castle, high in the mountains of Poland, nothing goes as planned.

His mother the Baroness, Ludmila, spurns her as a common whore and all of Bartos demands for her acceptance go to no avail. The Baroness had closed her mind. How could he consider sullying a royal line, hundreds of years old.

They have no choice, so they marry in secret and revel in a love and life that Helena had only imagined Bartos spurns all his mother's attempts to separate them, and the union continues and the happy couple conceive a child.

A dangerous way to conceive a child, born in secrecy with only her one retainer to help her labor to give birth. A beautiful girl, the very picture of her mother who wails for food while her mother writhes in pain, struggling for life with no one but a peasant midwife to attend her. Finally, she fails in her struggle to live literally bleeding to death.

Bartos bereft, not able to help or face what has happened, snaps as his mind turns to a black void in his grief. This cannot be happening! My beautiful Helena cannot be dead, and in is turmoil leaves her, the child and the castle, his mind gone.

What happens to his child with no one to nurture her but servants, and a grandmother that would wish her never born?

The Baroness is informed of the birth and death of the mother and Bartos's departure. Acknowledging his child as a royal member of the family is not to be even considered.

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