An Historical Sketch of the Civil War in the Vendées: From Its Origin to the Peace Concluded at La Jaunaie

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Page 277 - The National Convention to the Army of the West. " Soldiers of liberty, the brigands of La Vendee must be exterminated before the end of October. The welfare of the country requires this ; the impatience of the French people commands it ; their courage ought to accomplish it. The national gratitude awaits at that period all those whose valour and patriotism shall have irrevocably established liberty and the republic!
Page 115 - ... with blood. This battle lafted near thirty hours ; and I have been told by one of my acquaintance who fought on the republican fide, that the fpectacle was truly fublime. Not only every man, but every woman and every child, was that day a warrior : the artillery was...
Page 131 - Charta (1215). It was not only in England, furthermore, that the cities claimed and obtained a more or less large share in the government. Their natural tendency led them to become municipal republics. There is but little doubt but that, if they had had the power, they would have everywhere become States within the State. But they did not succeed in realizing this ideal save where the power of the State was impotent to counterbalance their efforts. This was the case with Italy, in the twelfth century,...
Page 151 - ... was precisely of the kind that Edward must have had in mind when he issued his Ghent proclamation. Before Philip's judgement in favour of Charles had been formally given, de Montfort had recognized Edward as King of France, and Edward had recognized him as Duke of Brittany. John de Montfort himself had the misfortune to fall into the hands of his enemies at Nantes in November 1341, but his duchess Margaret rallied his supporters against the troops of Charles of Blois. By March of the next year...
Page 116 - Laroche-Jaquelin divided his army into three bothe arfenal to the ramparts, conveyed the ammunition, while the women were employed in affifting their hu fbands, brothers, and fathers, and preventing the flames of the Ivoufes in' the fuburbs from communicating to thofe in the town.

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