An Inclination of Thought

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Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2012 - Self-Help - 112 pages
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Some people thrive off of manipulating people. Now Osama and Saddan were bad but the infamous Charles Manson was a sick genius a master manipulator I think maybe he studied brainwashing techniques and learned how to control people he figured he had to because of his size and he was a criminal and he was afraid someone was going to hurt him. So he learned how to command the attention of men, lured them with drugs or whatever he had and then he gave the orders to go and kill all the people at this particular address because they did not connect him to get into the entertainment industry so he could be a rock star. They was also to leave some type of sign so that they could blame it on black people and in his sick and twisted mind he thought that a whole nation would follow him in his race riot and he even gave it a name that would be remembered down through the generations he called it Helter Skelter and he used psychedelic drugs, psychedelic lights and psychedelic posters to put them in a psychedelic state. For the effect of the drug LSD "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" but it was word play, mind play, and manipulation on a grand scale I don't blame these notorious individuals. I blame their parents they were never taught not to be manipulated to the point that if they committed the ultimate crime that they would have to pay for it, It is a good case of the things that you were never taught by your parents or the ignorance in life you never imagined that could make you kill. Truly someone drop the ball somewhere.

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