An Invitation to Biomathematics

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Essential for all biology and biomathematics courses, this textbook provides students with a fresh perspective of quantitative techniques in biology in a field where virtually any advance in the life sciences requires a sophisticated mathematical approach. An Invitation to Biomathematics, expertly written by a team of experienced educators, offers students a solid understanding of solving biological problems with mathematical applications. This text succeeds in enabling students to truly experience advancements made in biology through mathematical models by containing computer-based hands-on laboratory projects with emphasis on model development, model validation, and model refinement.

The supplementary work, Laboratory Manual of Biomathematics is available separately ISBN 0123740223, or as a set ISBN: 0123740290)

  • Provides a complete guide for development of quantification skills crucial for applying mathematical methods to biological problems
  • Includes well-known examples from across disciplines in the life sciences including modern biomedical research
  • Explains how to use data sets or dynamical processes to build mathematical models
  • Offers extensive illustrative materials
  • Written in clear and easy-to-follow language without assuming a background in math or biology
  • A laboratory manual is available for hands-on, computer-assisted projects based on material covered in the text

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Processes that Change with Time Introduction to Dynamical Systems
Complex Dynamics Emerging from Interacting Dynamical Systems
Mathematics in Genetics
Quantitative Genetics and Statistics
Risk Analysis of Blood Glucose Data
Predicting Septicemia in Neonates
Cooperative Binding How Your Blood Transports Oxygen
Ligand Binding Data Fitting and LeastSquares Estimates of Model Parameters
Endocrinology and Hormone Pulsatility
Endocrine Network Modeling Feedback Loops and Hormone Oscillations
Detecting Rhythms in Confounded Data
Using Microarrays to Study Gene Expression Patterns

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About the author (2007)

Raina Robeva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Virginia and has broad research interests spanning theoretical mathematics, applied probability, and systems biology. Robeva is the founding Chief Editor of the journal Frontiers in Systems Biology and the lead author/editor of the books An Invitation to Biomathematics (2008), Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Modern Biology: Using Modern Discrete Models (2013), and Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology (2015), all published by Academic Press. She is Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Director of the Center for Science and Technology in Society at Sweet Briar College.

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