An Olympic Victor: A Story of the Modern Games

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Charles Scribner's Sons, 1908 - Athens (Greece) - 186 pages
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Page 127 - Grecian borders for this race also. Above all he had learned from these strangers in these talks — and this was the most valuable thing they taught him — that the race was most likely to go, not most surely to the swift and strong alone, but to the swift and strong with whom nothing went wrong; that the most prolific source of defeat was the insane desire which seemed to possess men in the excitement of competition to run themselves off their feet, to give way to the temptation to which mettlesome...
Page 17 - If they are not, you are free to return them and the money is yours again." " I return no shoes to Euripides. I wish to look my best, for to-day I call on — but possibly you know him — Anninoe Perigord of this village ?" "I know him, as I knew his dead wife and his parents and her parents and their grandparents before them." "And you know Anninoe's daughter Marie?
Page 118 - I've endured since I first set my two feet in this ancient country." He and a Frenchman vied with each other in practical joking, and it was comical to see how they made out to converse, each but half comprehending the language of the other. "And who will drink with me to the health of our respective countries?" With a bottle of cognac under his arm the Frenchman until now had been vainly trying to induce some one to exchange toasts with his. The Irishman at last said that he would take a sup with...
Page 21 - To win the Marathon run from all the world will take heart and soul above all other things — a soul to inspire, a heart to endure what the inspiration impels." "And have I not heart and soul? Do you know what they call me at home ? The goat. Yes, the Goat. And — why, old man — that sly grin — why?" "Goats are great creatures for blindly butting." "Blindly butting! Pshaw no— but because I can scale the crags " "Ha, ha— "You are making fun of me. If you were wiser, you would be more careful.
Page 104 - Will it not be beautiful ? It is beautiful — our flag," and bending over, kissed it rapturously. The tears were in her eyes, and almost in Loues's. " And now, Loues, that flag for our country, but this— "she drew forth the knot of blueand-white ribbon — "this for one who will pray that you will win. This we will place — where shall we place it?
Page 106 - And she is beautiful, they say." "Mm" You have seen her?" Loues nodded gravely. "Hm— she has been to the Stadium to see the runners practice?" "Oh, yes— frequently." "Hm — And she is rich, but — but — is she beautiful?" "Mm— yes." "Ah-h — " sighed Marie. "Could a man be blamed ? Rich, beautiful — " and went off into a reverie. It was all like a reverie to Loues, almost a dream ; but it had to end. The afternoon was fading, and they must be returning. "Marie, I may not see you again...
Page 22 - That is all right, but you should not put it to my teeth as you do. However, if I meet this favorite of yours in the race, you shall see how I shall beat him." " It may be — it may be. Indeed I think it likely, for, as we agreed, you are strong and tall and light of foot, and you have the ambition, which he has not. But as I said before, heart and soul are also needed, and the great heart and soul, they rarely attend the boastful spirit. Good-morning to you.
Page 8 - And for all this" — resumed Euripides — "is constructed a Stadium. And such a Stadium! See here is the plan — " Redisplayed the spread page of the Echo — "only last week I beheld it — a priceless morning — a moving breath from the .-Egean Sea and from the South — a sun like a benediction. On the sight of Athens' Stadium of old it stands, on that same historic spot about which sat in olden days and watched the athletes contending, the illustrious ones of our race. There on the banks...
Page 17 - I know him, as I knew his dead wife and., „. ** his parents and her parents and their grajid- . *. V. parents before them." •. , '* * "And you know Anninoe's daughter^ '.*•* Marie?" "I do." "Then you know also that she is beautiful?" "You who are to call on her should know that.

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