An Uncharted Desert Isle

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AuthorHouse, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 260 pages
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AN UNCHARTED DESEERT ISLE, by Rick Fernandez, published by AUTHORHOUSE PUBLISHERS, is one of the most important books of our time. With close to 2 million young adults encountering head injuries in this country each year, this nation has to open it's eyes. We, as a nation are squandering far too much of our resources feathering the pillows of persons who will give back very little. Yes. I'm talking now about the Seniors in this country. Seniors consume all that they have invested in this country (through taxes and such) in a matter of a few years after they retire. The book, subliminally, urges you to pull your head out of the sand. The youth in this country are the ones who are shortchanged by the vast number of Seniors.
In my book, written without anyone's help, aside from my typist, I tell how I made my recovery from a serious car accident, a very productive one. Yes. In 1971, at age 18, I was in a car accident, which placed me in a coma for sixty-seven (67) day. I had quite a few medical complications, which in and of themselves could have easily taken my life. But, it was all for the good. In my book, which I dedicate to my mom and father ( who is now deceased), I begin by letting the public realize that it is the disabled person's view of his/her situation, that has the most significance.
It is very important for the brain injured person to realize it is of utmost importance to utilize everything that is offered to you. By utilize I mean, in a way that will benefit you, and cause lesser harm to anyone else. Rehabilitation can be an enjoyable experience!! I awoke from the coma having very little use of my mental and physical condition. I couldn't walk, my whole right side was essentially useless, and I could remember nothing of the past, nor anything happening from minute to minute. I would cry when my father insisted it was God who spared my life--but in only a few months after my return from the hospital, I question the validity of that proposal. But, began more and of my own physical and mental resources--as limited as they were.
I currently am able to do most things physically that I was able to do prior to the accident, and I am a graduate from two universities, and have worked more than 20 years in my field of Gerontology, and for the past five years I have been employed assisting a Veteran from The First Gulf War, who, I feel couldn't have had a better assistant. This head injury has had one of the largest beneficial effects on my life. And, after the many years since my injury, I have relearned to run again. This was something I had thought I could never do again. However, through determination, and the use of certain exercise equipment, I have amazingly learned to jog! I won't win any races, but I can jog, as I have for more than 300 times, an entire mile, under 11 minutes. This is something I never thought I'd do again, and I was never one to do any kind of physical activity, prior to my injury.
Please take a look at my book on: AMAZON.CCOM just type in: AN UNCHARTED DESERT ISLE by Rick Fernandez, published by AUTHORHOUSE PUBLISHERS, and you will be amazed! Writing was my strongest skill while attending college, and then the universities. And it is my hope that this first book persons will realize that there are many avenues for the brain injured. Prior to writing this book, that is primarily for the families and loved-one's of the head injured, I wrote four other books that will encourage this country's youth to avoid slipping into my shoes. I took a very strong approach while writing these books, however, I could never get them published, more than likely because of my strong language. However, now that I have proven that I can write without use of profanity, I certainly feel that teachers will have special classes conducted in high schools across the nation where my books will be read and discussed, and allow the newest generations to realize how much power they have. In the end result, we can spend our money in

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