An account of all the considerable pamphlets ... published ... in the present controversy, between the bishop of Bangor [B. Hoadly] and others, by Philanagnostes Criticus

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Page xii - Colle&ion of Papers written by the * late RR George Hickes, DD 1716, In which the Church of England was charged with Herefy, Schifm, Perjury and Treafon.
Page 4 - ... introduced as criminating the quandum Jesuit. Each of these replies encreased in virulence ; and the latter was answered in a pamphlet, entitled, " a Reply to Dr. Snape's vindication of a passage in his second letter to the Bishop of Bangor relating to Mr. Pillonniere, wherein a full answer is also given to Mr. Mills and all his other evidences, by F. De La Pillonniere. To which is prefixed a letter to Dr. Snape from the Lord Bishop of Bangor ;
Page 4 - Dr. Snape instructed in some matters especially relating to Convocations and Converts from Popery. By a Member of the Convocation [White KENNET.] 81-0.
Page 2 - Dr. Kennet, etc. as they were inserted in the Publick Prints. To which is added, A compleat Catalogue of all the Sermons and Pamphlets, for and against the Bishop of Bangor's Sermon, in the Order they were published.
Page 5 - Pillonniere's pretended facts disproved, and base forgery is detected ; as likewise the true reasons of such malicious dissenters' proceedings against Mr. Mills. The whole supported by ample testimonies of gentlemen, clergy, and many others. In a Letter to the Lord Bishop of Bangor, by lI.
Page xiv - A Memorial for Protestants on the 5th of November, &c. in a letter to a peer of Great Britain," ibid. 1713. 13. " A Letter to the lord bishop of Carlisle, concerning one of his predecessors, bishop Merks, on occasion of a new volume for the Pretender, entitled, The Hereditary Right of the Crown of England asserted,
Page xv - A defence of our conftitution in Church and State ; or, an anfwer to the late charge of the Non-jurors, with an appendix containing Abp.
Page 7 - Quarto. Pp. 9.* [Bodl.] LETTER (a) to the Reverend Dr. Snape, wherein the authority of the Christian priesthood is maintain'd ; the uninterrupted succession of bishops from the Apostles days is lineally deduced ; and the cavils of hereticks and fanaticks are answer'd. By a curate of Wilts. [William FLEETWOOD, DD] London: M DCC xvn 1.
Page 13 - The report vindicated from mifreports : being a defence of my lords the biftiops, as well as the clergy of the lower houfe of convocation ; in a letter from a member of that houfe to the prolocutor, concerning their late conf :l;ations about the bifhop of Bangor's writings ; -with a Poftfcript, containing fome few remarks upon the letter to dr.
Page 13 - An Anfwer to the Reprefentation drawn up by the Committee of the Lower Houfe of Convocation. The zd Edit.

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