An Account of the Island of Jamaica: With Reflections on the Treatment, Occupation, and Provisions of the Slaves : to which is Added a Description of the Animal and Vegetable Productions of the Island

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author, 1788 - Jamaica - 87 pages
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Page 75 - When it begins to flower, it is cut with pruning-knives ; and cut again at the end of every fix weeks, if the weather is a little rainy. It lafts about two years, after which term it degenerates ; it is then plucked up, and planted afrefh.
Page 76 - THE water which hath run into the poundingtub, is found impregnated with a very fubtile earth, which alone the dregs or blue fubftance that is the object of this procefs, and which muft be feparated from the ufelefs fait of the plant, becaufe this makes the dregs fwim on the furface. To effect this, the water is forcibly agitated with wooden buckets that are full of holes, and fixed to a long handle. This part of the procefs requires the greateft precautions.
Page 77 - ... fettle till the water is quite clear. Holes Made in the tub at different heights are then opened one after another, and this ufelefs water is let out. The blue dregs remaining at the bottom having acquired the coniftence of a thick muddy liquid, cocks are then opened, which draw it off into the fettler.
Page 59 - Its ftem is flefhy, large, flattened, downy, a little rough, and covered with clufters of thorns, regularly difpofed upon its furface. It branches out very much, and grows narrow, as well as its branches, at every point of ramification : this gives to each portion of the plant thus made narrow, the form of an oval, thick, and thorny leaf, j It hath no other leaves but thefe.
Page 77 - The blue dregs remaining at the bottom having acquired the coniftence of a thick muddy liquid, cocks are then opened, which draw it off into the fettler. After it is ftill more cleared of much fuperfluous water in this third and laft tub, it is drained into facks ; from whence, when water no longer filters through the cloth, this matter, now become of a thicker confidence, is put into chefts, where it entirely lofes its moifture.
Page 74 - At the extremity of each branch arife clufters of reddifh, papilionaceous flowers, rather fmall, and compofed of a number of petals. The ftamina, to the number of fix, and the piftil, furmounted with a fingle ftyle, are arranged as they are in moft of the herbaceous flowers. The piftil is changed into a fmall rounded pod, flightly curved, one inch in length, and a line and a half in breadth, full of cylindrical, fhining, and brownifh feeds.
Page 75 - ... fertility. INDIGO is diftinguifhed into feveral fpecies, of which only two are cultivated. The true indigo, which is the fort we have been fpeaking of, and the baftard indigo, which differs from the former, in having a much higher, more woody, and more durable ftem; in having it's foliola longer and narrower, it's pods more curved, and it's feeds black.
Page 33 - ... to refrain from laughing, though they go through the whole performance with profound gravity, their feet beating time remarkably quick; two of them generally dance together, and sometimes do not move six inches from the same place.1...
Page 6 - The city itself is seated on the eastern shore of the harbour, upon a jutting promontory or neck of land, and is nearly surrounded by water. It occupies the highest ground in the neighbourhood, and is...
Page 61 - ... and bears the injuries of the air better : The crop of it is confequently lefs variable in the produce, and may be gathered all the year. This...

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