An animadversion to mr. Richard Clyftons Advertisement

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By Giles Thorp, 1613
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Page 8 - ... according to God's word, and the discipline of the church as is aforesaid. And also, to call together and assemble the said congregation, for causes, and at times, as shall to them seem expedient. Provided always, that if any dissension shall happen between the ministers and the seniors, or the more part of them, and the body of the congregation, or the more part of it, and that the said ministers and seniors in such controversy being desired thereto, will not assemble the congregation, that...
Page 9 - ... such appeal be made to the body of the congregation, the ministers, seniors, and parties excepted ; and that the body of the congregation may appoint so many of the congregation to hear and determine the said matter or matters, as it shall seem good to the congregation.
Page 9 - Third, that if he remain still obstinate before the whole Congregation, after a time to him by the whole Congregation limited to repent in ; he then shall be openly denounced Excommunicate: which Excommunication, seeing it is the uttermost penalty of Ecclesiastical Power, shall not therefore be executed until the matter be heard by the whole Church, or such as it shall specially appoint thereunto.
Page 39 - Now that being so, a Church having a Pastor and a Teacher that are learned, and 3. or 4. ruling Elders, which are as unlearned as the other of the people, taken of tradesmen and the like : these 3. or 4. Rulers (whose power they have proportioned with the Princes of Israel) shal by their number of voices cary matters, though it be against Pastor, Teacher, and 500. brethren. Yea these may excommunicate or depose the Pastor and Teacher, and cast out of the brethren...
Page 8 - ... that none shall depart out of the said Congregation so assembled, till it be broken up ; without licence of the whole, or the more part remaining ; upon pain of Discipline before the whole Congregation therefore. 46. Item, in case some do depart; that yet notwithstanding those which still remain, if they be the greater part, to be a lawful Congregation: and that which they, or the more part of them, shall decree, to be a lawful Decree, of force to bind the whole body ; Ministers, Seniors, Deacons,...
Page 136 - ... to help forward your holy peace (if so the Lord's will be) ; which how precious it is unto us...
Page 8 - ... or decree, the fame to be a lawful decree and ordinance, of fufficient force to bind the whole congregation, and every member of the fame.
Page 111 - Whereas we had learned and professed that Christ was the only king and lord of his church, and had left unto it among men, but a ministerial government, and that all the multitude of the members, the saints ought to obey, and submit to the eldership in every church. Now we have lately been taught, that the people as kings have power one over another, and that the saints being kings are superior to their officers, because the...
Page 39 - And if we add unto this their other opini5 of Gods covenant to continue with a Church, though they fall into so many horrible synns, idolatries & blasphemies as the Romish synagogue hath doon, which now they plead for to be stil the true Church of Christ : what wil not a presumptuous Eldership doo, and yet bear...
Page 9 - ... incompetent arbiters." Article 66 provides that no accusation shall be admitted against a minister or elder, except by at least two witnesses ; and also for the punishment of such as unjustly accuse them. pline, that first it be referred to the ministers and seniors, and if they cannot agree thereupon, then the thing to be brought and referred to the whole congregation.

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